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Posted on Sat, Sep 06 2014 18:07
by jlgagne
Joined on Mon, Sep 10 2012, Posts 21

I've done some searches and I've found other threads with the same issue, but there hasn't been any answer as to whether there's a solution. See threads here: http://community.vsl.co.at/forums/p/29888/192076.aspx      -        http://community.vsl.co.at/forums/p/31191/198885.aspx

For me it definitely is related to the number of VE instances in my sequencer. With no instances connected, CPU usage in activity monitor on my slave is normal. For each instance I connect, it jumps quite a bit. With 6 instances connected (one each for strings, winds, brass, perc, pads, etc), VE's idle CPU usage is around 50%. I'm using Pro Tools 10.3.9 and an Mbox Pro 3 but as far as I can tell people have experienced this with all kinds of DAWs. And I'd be okay with cutting down to one mega-instance but Pro Tools only allows 16 midi ports per instance, so I would need at least 3 anyway.

Here's a screenshot of the CPU before and after connecting to Pro Tools: http://i.imgur.com/Fky4ZEO.png

Posted on Fri, Sep 12 2014 16:32
by jlgagne
Joined on Mon, Sep 10 2012, Posts 21

Still having the same issue.. bump

Posted on Sat, Sep 13 2014 07:25
by Zelorkq
Joined on Fri, Sep 28 2012, Posts 36

I feel you man :( I also posted that issue, I'm on Windows 7 with Cubase 7.5.x

My post: http://community.vsl.co.at/forums/t/37957.aspx

I'm using only one big instance (Cubase supports unlimited MIDI outputs, or at least more than I ever need with a big template) and have that issue. It's possible that VEPro and Cubase collide somehow, because Cubase doesn't want to allow any re-routing of audio outside of it. Maybe its the same for Pro Tools. I also had a chat on the Steinberg forum, so what I'm going to be doing is actually splitting my big instance into smaller ones, assigning certain Threads to every instance and see how that helps. On top of that my MIR will be moved from VEPro to Cubase which eliminates Audio Input Plugins.

However, our cases are slightly different and I sadly cannot help you in this case. Maybe one big instance could theoretically help you out, but that's not the case for me. Hopefully you find a way.


Posted on Sun, Sep 14 2014 14:01
by mohurwitzmusic
Joined on Tue, Sep 07 2010, Posts 297

My CPU idles at 25% when I'm not playing anything-- always has. I'm using one big instance and Cubase 7.5

However I have noticed that CPU seems slightly higher in this latest VEP update. Anyone else experiencin this?

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Posted on Mon, Sep 22 2014 09:13
by Zelorkq
Joined on Fri, Sep 28 2012, Posts 36

I haven't noticed a CPU increase in the latest version... But if there is one, it's so small I haven't noticed :D

But I fixed my issue at least. My 35-40% CPU usage went down to 15-20%, which is acceptable. Not brilliant, but apparently quite normal. My main fixes were: eliminate every audio input plugin (so now I'm using MIR in Cubase not in VEPro) and I split my big instance into multiple smaller ones and assigned threads accordingly per instance.

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