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VE PRO 5 Hang after loading need to force quit
Last post Wed, Oct 22 2014 by KMuzzey, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Oct 05 2014 03:54
by samphony
Joined on Mon, Apr 10 2006, Posts 88

Hi Community,

Weird Issue here. I am using Logic Pro X + lots of VEP Instances. 

I've updated VEP to its latest Version. Since then everything behaves somewhat weird.

1. I load up my template

2.Open LPX

3. Load LPX Template

4. Hang for ever

5. Force Quit

This never happened before.

As you can see in the picture below each instance holds one instance of Kontakt with a purged library. VEP core distribution is set to 1.

I am very proficient with VE PRO (using it since V4). My setup is a 6core Darth Pro 2013, 64GB Ram, Thunderbold 2 SSD Black Magic Multidock.

If I load up the whole template as a Kontakt based template inside Logic it works flawlessly but needs longer loading time.

Your ideas are always appreciated

Posted on Tue, Oct 21 2014 21:06
by KMuzzey
Joined on Tue, Jul 22 2003, Los Angeles, CA, Posts 270

I'm having the same issue, but with Logic 9 on OS 10.8.5.  Just started today... no idea why. I haven't changed anything (except updating to the most recent version of VEPro 5) -- and as I load up Logic projects that use VEP, they get slower and slower to load, even though there aren't that many instances within the metaframe and I'm not using much RAM.  Eventually the last couple loading just stall and I have to reboot.

I also can't find the previous versions of VEPro5, to be able to downgrade back to the last available version.  Anyone else having these problems?  Usually VEP is so stable.


Posted on Wed, Oct 22 2014 16:24
by KMuzzey
Joined on Tue, Jul 22 2003, Los Angeles, CA, Posts 270

So it turns out that this wasn't actually a VEP problem at all, because it was working fine on my slaves.  The problem was with my main hard drive on the main computer -- after a good 6 hours of troubleshooting and repairing this and that, turns out it just needed a defragging and a disk repair with Drive Genius -- and it's an SSD, which isn't supposed to benefit from defragging -- but that knocked the kinks out of it and we're back to normal today.


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