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Posted on Mon, Oct 20 2014 20:19
by Ege
Joined on Sat, Jan 22 2005, Washington, DC, Posts 104

It's pleasant, but not notated, and not consistently present.  Sometimes, when I use slurs to indicate bowings of Dimension Strings, and use the dot above to note to indicate staccato (so there's a slur above the dot), I get a portamento effect in the passage.  I don't get the portamento effect consistently.  Sometimes, there is no portamento effect.  I'm using all the latest versions of VE Pro and VI pro, and am operating in OSX 10.10, Yosemite (the phenomenon occured before I installed Yosemite under 10.9 Mavericks as well).  One possible culprit is slow access to memory, having nothing to do with the software.  I have noticed this before sometimes, when samples are just loading up -- there is a glide up to the right pitch.  What puzzles me is that I only get this "faux portamento" in certain passages of the piece.  I've tried renotating the passage in question, but the phenomenon reappears!

Any thoughts out there?

IMac, 2.9 GHz Intel 4 Core i5, 32 GB, OSX 10.10.1
Posted on Tue, Oct 21 2014 11:53
by andi
Joined on Wed, Feb 18 2004, Vienna, Posts 3267

Hello Steve!

Without hearing and seeing what you hear and see it's hard to say what's going on. Can you post examples and provide links? Please also let me know, if you have edited note lengths or start positions in the Sibelius Inspector. You can send your examples to support [at] vsl [dot] co [dot] at as well.

Best regards,

Andreas Olszewski
Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Dec 11 2014 13:58
by Ege
Joined on Sat, Jan 22 2005, Washington, DC, Posts 104

I thought I would report recent results.  I contacted the VSL support team who gave my problem a full court press.  It seems the problem has to do with the Sibelius controller information lagging behind note change information and tempo.  In other words, the notes are sent to the VSL samples (via VE Pro and VI Pro instances) before the change in articulations has a chance to catch up.  The result is that an articulation somewhere IN BETWEEN where I was and where I want to go in the VI Pro matrix is sounded, although the note is correct.

The fix is to MANUALLY SHORTEN the duration of the note immediately preceding the offending "portamento".  This can be done through the Sibelius INSPECTOR FUNCTION, and playing the score in LIVE MODE (so that these custom durations are picked up during Play).   I've discovered that it doesn't take too much shortening of a note to fix the problem.  There is no change in the NOTATED score length (half-note, dotted-quarter, etc.), just in the INTERNAL duration, which is shortened manually using the Inspector.

Fortunately, this problem doesn't occur too frequently, so you don't have to go in to make changes that often.  In a score of about 9 minutes length involving a string quintet, it only happens about 3 times.  I say "about", because the effect is not consistent.

This problem occured using Dimension Strings, Sibelius 7.5.1, OSX 10.10.1, and the laatest versions of VE Pro and VI Pro.

So, in summary, the problem appears to be one of programming at the Sibelius level, and the fix is to manually shorten the length of the note preceding the unwanted effect.


IMac, 2.9 GHz Intel 4 Core i5, 32 GB, OSX 10.10.1
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