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VE Pro audio muting when switching tracks in Cubase Pro 8
Last post Wed, Jul 05 2017 by esencia, 112 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Feb 09 2016 16:32
by dlpmusic
Joined on Sun, Jan 19 2003, Posts 289

No change here at all.  Still have the 4 second muting when changing tracks.


Originally Posted by: Evocatus Go to Quoted Post

Maybe I don't understand the issue completely, but as far as I can tell this problem appears to be fixed in the latest update (5.4.14074) of VEP.  The changelog of the update includes this statement:  "Improved. Mixdown performance with Cubase Asio Guard 2".  

I activated Asio-Guard on Cubase at the Normal level, then switched the Asio-Guard switch on for the VEP plug-in (VST3 version). I I was able to switch between tracks with no muting delay.  Experienced no audio dropouts or other artifacts.  Not quite sure how to best measure CPU load, so I can't report on that.  At least it does seem that the VEP plug-in works now with Asio-guard 2.


Cubase 8.5.0 Pro 64, Tascam FW-1884, i7, 24Gb.

Posted on Tue, Feb 09 2016 20:43
by Evocatus
Joined on Mon, Aug 10 2015, United States, Posts 3

I wonder why it's happening to you and not to me?

Posted on Wed, Feb 10 2016 00:50
by dlpmusic
Joined on Sun, Jan 19 2003, Posts 289


Are you sure you are switching to "different" intances of viframes or VE PRO instances.  Choosing different tracks within the same VE PRO instance does not cause the issue.


What is your soundcard buffer?   I assume it is below 1024 because you said you are running ASIO GUARD 2 at Normal setting.  That is 1024 buffer so if you are at 1024 buffer it would not cause the issue or give you ant benefit.

Originally Posted by: Evocatus Go to Quoted Post

I wonder why it's happening to you and not to me?

Posted on Thu, Feb 11 2016 14:23
by paaltio
Joined on Sat, Jan 20 2007, Helsinki, Finland, Posts 20

Yeah this one's pretty obvious. Mixdown in Cubase parlance means the export process. Nothing is indicated as having been changed with regards to the track changing behavior. And it hasn't.

Posted on Fri, Feb 12 2016 00:34
by Evocatus
Joined on Mon, Aug 10 2015, United States, Posts 3

Thanks for helping me understand this.  My buffer is at 512 and becomes unstable at lower values, but it sounds like the issue is still unresolved.  

Posted on Mon, Feb 15 2016 08:23
by Trailerman
Joined on Wed, Jun 14 2006, Manchester, UK, Posts 609

For a moment I was excited.

Great shame that this remains unresolved.

System 1:

Windows 7 64bit
16 core, 3.4GHz E5-2687W, 128GB Ram,
Nuendo 6.5 / Nuendo 7.020 / Cubase 7.5 / Cubase Pro 8
Motu 2408 Mk III x 3

System 2:

Mac Pro Mid 2010
12 core, 3GHz, 32GB Ram,
OS 10.7.4
Seagate ES and Intel Solid State Drives
ProTools HDX, 11.3
Digidesign 192 Interfaces x6

System 3:

CPU: 2xIntel W5580 Xeon Nehalem S1366
Motherboard: Supermicro X8DT3-LN4F
RAM: 96GB ECC RAM in SUPERO 4GB modules (ECC-R DR340LER13)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Audio Hardware: RME HDSPe AIO PCIe
Hard Drives: 2x1.5TG Seagate ES (SATA)
1x2TB Seagate ES (SATA)
1x1.5TB Seagate ES (SAS)
MIDI: Midi Over Lan CP 3
Output Format: Stereo
Sample Rate: 44.1KHz clocked from external wordclock master
Graphics: Gainward 9500GT 512MB PCIe

Posted on Sun, Feb 21 2016 03:22
by shomynik
Joined on Mon, Feb 15 2016, Posts 5

Hey everyone,

Just did the upgrade to my studio, one machine wasn't enough anymore...Bought a new master, old one is slave now...got the vep5, made the template, got the issues... And now stumbled on these threads and got very disapointed.

For years I am hearing about wonderfull world of vep and cubase, and now when I finally got into it only to find this...

I am thinking of returning vep5, still got 10 days left for that.

What would you guys do in my place? To install C7.5 and use it with vep5? Or return it and maybe connect two PCs via audio interfaces? Via Adat/spdif/light-pipe...don't know much about those things...but I have rme hdspe aio on master rig and hdsp 9632 on the slave.

Hope this vep5/asioguard2 issue will be resolved soon, as I really like vep5 and whole idea.

Posted on Sun, Feb 21 2016 08:14
by pacman
Joined on Mon, Jan 12 2015, Posts 27

Hi shomynik, I have had this question at the back of my mind, since my purchase, but the integrated MIR and the fact that VEP uses less CPU within C8, with same plugins setup, still sells it to me. Yes I wish the .vst3 problem will be sorted soon and I could do with two MIR licenses (to have slave and/or same PC use), like I have three for VEP. There is the lack of project carry over eg: if I save a *.frame on my PC, then try to open it on my slave, the same project does not appear. There are a few other implementations, which may be solved, that are worth considering and waiting for. 

Posted on Sun, Feb 21 2016 17:49
by shomynik
Joined on Mon, Feb 15 2016, Posts 5

Hey pacman, thx for reply,

So, how do you workaround the issue with asio guard 2? Do you disable it, or go for the low settings? Is there any difference between the two? Or did you go back to C7.5 maybe? On the forums people say that C7.5 is probably a better option for now.

I accually realised that I need vepro either way, as in, if I option for a hardware I/O I certainly need some host on the slave machine. But for now, I work with the asio guard on low.

Posted on Sun, Feb 21 2016 19:24
by pacman
Joined on Mon, Jan 12 2015, Posts 27

Since the Cubase 8.5.10 update I have been using AG2 (previously VEP was set Inactive) on Medium at 256 samples, 32bit float at 44.1, but after around 10 fully loaded vsti and EQs etc., it is beginning to look like a bit of a load for Cubase= around 70%, although the same vsti, without VEP, has to start being Rendered, after this point, especially if MIR is on in Cubase and not integrated into VEP.

I may try a Low AG2 setting on a larger project: it is no good me making things happen (test project); I prefer a real scenario approach and see how far this can go. Will post outcome, if there is any difference in AG2 being Off, Low or Medium. Also, it is possible to work with 512 samples most of the time, in fact some other programs seem to prefer this, so that would be less strain on Cubase; this is sometimes preferable in Mixdown. 

NB: I have a slave (Lenovo M92 i5 16GB) with VEP/samplers... loaded, which I have had to use for a super large project: Cubase meter= around 20-30%. 

see: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=70905&sid=de71e1b0a0c081b719fa454a2a6039d8&start=25

& https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=70905&sid=2796aed16c9e002d705d3d6ba94261dd

Been working on large project with VEP(2xBuffers) with AG2 Enabled, which was set to Highest and using 256 samples: worked great until I reached a certain number of tracks (12+) and either or both programs began to freeze or dysfunction in very irritating ways, plus the muting seemed to give me enough time to write several emails..., between track selection. Spent an hour or two fiddling and trying to cope, whilst adding various components to my composition, but alas, all to no avail. So turned VEP's AG2 Off (still on Highest for other VST), within C8.5 and CPU freezing, Disk Overload etc., deceased. I may use 128 samples, but still have a few useful 32bit VST, which, even though JBridged, prefer 256 samples. Hope this helps the debate. p

Posted on Tue, Mar 01 2016 11:41
by C_Caouette
Joined on Thu, Mar 11 2004, Posts 173

I've got a MP 12 Core 3.46 with 64gigs ram and C8.5.  I have my buffer set to 256 and use a setting of 2 buffers on the VEP instances.  The pauses in audio are about hald a second which is somewhat tolorable.  

I found that by running at 384 buffer cause ZERO dropouts with VEP...very interesting.  However, the overall average CPU went up which was also weird.  Changing the buffer in VEP to anything other than 2 would return the gap in audio.  

I have also noticed that hosting Vienna Instruments inside Cubase is causing a massive increase in average load.  I disabled the tracks and the meter droped quite a bit.  I am not running any reverbs inside VI so not sure why it's doing this.  Guess I'll only use them if I really need that instrument.  

With all this mess I'm really tempted to jump back to LPX that I've used for years. 





Will I did find a couple things that helped my situation.  I did notice that Vienna Instruments AG2 settings were inactive so I re-enabled them and the load is much better.  I also have gotten used to the brief pause.

I also had migrated from a quad core i7 Mini to the 12 core MP.  I only recently realized I had not increased the CORE count in Kontakt or on the local VEP.  On top of that the PC Slave I went from 4 to 8 cores and missed increasing that as well.  Average ASIO load is much better.

Posted on Wed, Jul 05 2017 09:16
by esencia
Joined on Wed, Jan 18 2006, Posts 8

What´s the latest update about the issues between AG and VEP 6?

I'm having some strange behaviour with VEP 6 (including v6.0.16068), and Cubase pro 9 (latest version).

I own a MacPro 2013 with 6 cores (12 threads) and 64Gb of RAM.

I've create 8 big instances VEP instances. VEP configuration is using 10 threads in total.

I create a test project to play instruments within the instances, everything seems to run fine (less than 50% CPU.

I loop those regions, and when it starts again, after a while, VEP CPU increases to almost 100%. After the loop project starts playing the same notes that didn´t have more than 50% cpu impact. Sometimes the instance shows a lot of CPU in idle mode, and sometimes not. I couldn´t find out the reason.

Why is this happening?

I've tried to change a lot of cubase/AG or VEP settings but it happens again, and once it reachs that high CPU values, system gets slower and there are clicks everywhere, and even if I try to power on/off the instances, it´s like the systems is already unstable and it´s impossible to continue working.

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