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How is 3.03 working?
Last post Mon, Nov 22 2004 by gugliel, 7 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Nov 16 2004 15:31
by Martin Bayless
Joined on Sat, Oct 25 2003, New York, USA, Posts 266
Has the patch change problem really been resolved?

Has the stuck note problem really been resolved?

If I don’t come close to maxing out either polyphony or midi channels in GS 160, v 2.53.05, is there any reason to upgrade to orchestra as opposed to the ensemble or solo versions; are the differences limited just to polyphony and midi channels?

With the tweaks, I’m loading 96-99% (XP Pro, P4 2.4s with 2GB ram). Will I be able to load the same amount of instruments?

Thanks in advance for your help amd insights!
Posted on Wed, Nov 17 2004 01:36
by Craig Sharmat
Joined on Wed, Oct 16 2002, Woodland Hills, Posts 416
i am still getting stuck notes...8(
Posted on Wed, Nov 17 2004 04:23
by DCB
Joined on Fri, May 16 2003, Tokyo, Japan, Posts 28
I have also been getting stuck notes with earlier versions of GS3. After installing 3.03 the problem continued with about the same frequency as before. Then I tried using Maple (Marble Sounds MIDI program) instead of the VSL MIDI router, and I got much fewer stuck notes: not completely zero, but few enough to make the program useable again. This is on a .gsp set-up using about 70 channels spread over 7 ports, with the VSL tool only on ports 1-4 (MIDI goes directly from the sequencer to ports 5-7). The sequence I am currently working on takes the polyphony peak value up to about 80. I had stuck notes all over the place before, but since ditching the router I now only get the odd one or two.
David C. Buist
Posted on Wed, Nov 17 2004 20:17
by mvanbebber
Joined on Fri, Apr 16 2004, US, Posts 193
I get many more stuck notes with 3.03. I had to revert back to 3.02 - which they pulled off their site for some reason. Good thing I already had it downloaded.
Posted on Sat, Nov 20 2004 03:38
by techtim
Joined on Tue, Aug 17 2004, Perth, Australia, Posts 10
I'm not confident that the 3.03 version has fixed the program change problem. I've seen instances where the GS3 midi monitor clearly shows an instrument change has been received, but GS3 doesn't actually change the instrument. This seems to only happen if the change occurs during note streams - that is Note_on note_off change_instrument note_on etc. However, sometimes it works.
Posted on Sat, Nov 20 2004 16:35
by gugliel
Joined on Wed, Aug 25 2004, Posts 383
3.03 went very smoothly for me. After installing it, my stuck note problems were reduced considerably -- down to 4 notes in an 8 minute project (down from too many to count). I can now almost run the entire 100-track project without having to record in little sections at a time.

This is not really heavily loading the gs3, however: I use a gsp file that fills about 79% of my 1 gigabyte system, and only reach about 30 simultaneous voices peak. But there are a lot of controllers, about 20000 if I counted correctly.

Two more little points of interest: when I turn off the external sequencer I use (which puts audio input into the sound card on the same computer as gs3), the stuck note problem is reduced; also, changing to an old 10 MBit/second NIC card from my Gigabit NIC resulted in a performance for the same 8 minute project with only one stuck note the whole time.

No new problems with 3.03, for me. Haven't yet explored patch changes, since my setup worked around those problems by using many additional tracks.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 22 2004 14:20
by gugliel
Joined on Wed, Aug 25 2004, Posts 383
No improvement in patch changes where the bank number is other than 0, as far as I can see. Just changing from one program to another in bank 15 is completely unreliable -- if I put in two or three program change commands, plus a cc32 and a cc00 controller, and space them apart a good deal, sometimes gigastudio will respond -- but sometimes not.

Using sonar 3, tried what sonar calls patch change "normal" (which sends two patch change commands, I think) and what sonar calls patch change "controller 0" and "controller 32".

So, here's hoping for 3.04 ........
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