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Emissaries Abroad - Looking for reverb/mixing feedback.
Last post Thu, Feb 19 2015 by Fiver, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Feb 14 2015 20:51
by Fiver
Joined on Mon, Sep 09 2013, Posts 49

Ahoy, fellow VSLers!

I'm trying to brush up on my reverb and mixing skills, and am looking for advice on a first cut my recent piece:

It's only two minutes.

Any suggestions on whether I need to boost reverb for certain sections, or cut, or what have you, would be most appreciated. Many thanks for the help!

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Posted on Mon, Feb 16 2015 22:23
by hetoreyn
Joined on Sat, Nov 27 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Posts 1159
Nice job on this. That's some serious programming for sure.

Reverb actually sounds fine to me, if anything I would say it'd be better to have the beginning come in quieter and build up the volume. The timpani at the beginning might sound better played a little softer at the beginning. Generally I do like a nice big hall sound but I find these days I use less reverb than I used to and instead just take more control with the volumes, velocities etc of my instruments. And I work up a nice fat sound by using Steve slates plugs that give a nice analogue sound.

You might want to increase the release time on you instruments a little just to give them that extra bleed time. And certainly using a little of the VIs built in reverb (around 25-30) can give just that right feeling of space without setting the instrument back to far.

Just think of where your instruments sit in your virtual room. If your timpani is sounding close and full, then it won't sound like its at the rear of the room .. Where it should be 😜 same goes for all instruments.

Damn nice piece.

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Posted on Thu, Feb 19 2015 21:43
by Fiver
Joined on Mon, Sep 09 2013, Posts 49

Praise from Hetoreyn is praise indeed!

Thanks for the advice, especially those details about how to make that timpani sound realistic. I've listened to your stuff forever: just trying to follow in your footsteps.

Visit me at www.WittyNotes.com!
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