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UPDATE: MAS Version for Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 available
Last post Fri, Sep 01 2017 by RootNDoo, 90 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Mar 09 2016 07:00
by MS
Joined on Wed, Feb 19 2003, Vienna, Austria, Posts 1762
Motu has confirmed some bugs in the DP engine, an update is on the way.
Martin Saleteg
Software Developer
Vienna Symphonic Library GmbH
Posted on Wed, Mar 09 2016 13:00
by labman
Joined on Tue, Sep 28 2010, Posts 118

Great news Martin! Thank you for the update.

Posted on Mon, Apr 04 2016 21:41
by reddognoyz
Joined on Tue, Oct 27 2009, Posts 17

wpoking fine here.

Posted on Mon, May 16 2016 01:13
by Douglas R
Joined on Wed, Sep 14 2011, Posts 3

I am getting constant Digital Performer crashes using DP 9.02 and VEPro 5.4.14074 on a Mac Pro. I have been using this combination for a few months without this problem but today DP crashes almost every time I hit Play. The crash report points to VEP MAS as the plugin causing the crash. I have numerous instances of VEP MAS in my sequence connecting to 3 PCs. VEP is not crashing on the Mac or the PCs.

You write that MOTU has reported a bug—is that specfically related to DP 9 and VEP 5?


I tried opening the DP file in 8 and the crashes continue. This is the same DP file that was working fine yesterday in 9. The crashes occur seemingly randomly. The sequence can play for 60 bars and then crash or play for 1 bar and crash.

Posted on Fri, Jun 17 2016 14:33
by J.Hall
Joined on Tue, Sep 28 2010, Posts 69


The web site says that the regular VE also has MAS support now but when installing the latest version it does not install any MAS plugin. When will VE get this?

i7-6700, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 120GB SSD, 500GB SSD, 500GB HDD
Cubase 8.5 / VI PRO / VE / MIRx / SE1+, SE2, SE4 / Dim. Brass I / Dimension Strings I standard / Soprano Choir + some full single instruments
Posted on Mon, Aug 01 2016 20:38
by bralston_409
Joined on Thu, Jan 02 2003, Los Angeles, CA, Posts 1

Originally Posted by: MS Go to Quoted Post
Motu has confirmed some bugs in the DP engine, an update is on the way.



MOTU just released DP 9.1.  This may have been the update you were referring to...but in general I have found using the latest VEPro 5.4.14074 (MAS version) with the new DP 9.1 to be NOT as stable and not as efficient than when I was using DP9.02.  This may be a DP problem of course because they completely changed how their audio engine works in this update with their new "nextgen / pregen" feature. The setting for that is turned off by the way for all VEPro5 plugins and they are set to run in "real time" in DP becaue they know it will not work well with it.  But regardless ther is still something else going on and you all may have to get together with MOTU about this DP 9.1 verison and figure out why on large "film scoring" orchestral templates...using VEPro5 is spiking my CPU more and not very usable like it was in 9.02.  And this is on a MacPro 5,1 12-core with 64GB RAM running Mavericks OS10.9.5.  I use to be able to set the VEPro instances buffer to "2 buffers" each (running 6 instances in DP V-Racks)....but with that same setting in DP 9.1 and nothing else changed, I was getting severe audio waveform dropouts in all audio coming into DP from VEPro when the transport was actively playing or recording MIDI or audio.  Audio coming into DP while the transport was stopped was fine.  I have now had to set all VEPro instance buffers to a setting of "4 buffers" to get rid of waveform dropouts...but of course this affects latency greatly.  

Please check in with the MOTU folks about getting VEPro5+ working solid with DP again. Till then, I will have to go back to DP 9.02 to get my solid template and machine runnnig smooth again.  

Brian Ralston

Los Angeels, CA


Brian Ralston
Posted on Mon, Aug 01 2016 20:47
by labman
Joined on Tue, Sep 28 2010, Posts 118

Thank you for the warning Brian. And the tips.

Posted on Tue, Aug 02 2016 01:38
by toodamnhip
Joined on Sat, Jun 09 2012, Posts 87

I can report the following-

1) No cpu improvement on a session that uses VE Pro for most of it's VIs. It is actually possible cpu performance has gone down. Unfortutely, the update over wrote my 9.02 version, so toady I will re download 9.02 and will advise if I have additional data.

2) Audio glitching while undoing or creating looped sections in DP for editing.

3) Changing VE Pro buffers from 0 to 4 results in VE Pro playing behind the beat. (it was mentioned at one of the forums that VE seemed to work better at buffer of 4 so I tried it).

4) I am pretty sure I am going back to vers 9.02


Question- Does Vienna anticipate cpu improvment in VE Pro projects using the new DP audio engine once all bugs are removed? I am wondering if the main beneft will mostly likely be obtained by placing VIs inside DP itself. I run my VE Pro on one machine

OS 10.10.3 DP 9.0
Posted on Thu, Aug 04 2016 09:56
by Graeme_13446
Joined on Fri, Apr 01 2005, UK, Posts 2

Same here - lots of issues.

My playback meter goes up to 50% when playing a project with only a few instances of Kontakt loaded, which didn't happen in 9.02.

Still can't freeze in DP using VE Pro if the incoming channels are not 1/2. 3/4 or above and the freeze doesn't work.

UPDATE: I updated to El Capitan and this seems to now work. Much weirdness! Loving the new VE Pro though. 

Posted on Fri, Sep 01 2017 04:04
by RootNDoo
Joined on Tue, Nov 25 2008, Posts 53

Had very similar problems to the above.


DP9.1 greatly increased bassline CPU load of various sessions and massive playback dropouts. Reverted to 9.02 and all is well. Running 10.9.2.

Mac Pro
Vienna Ensemble 7
Digital Performer 10
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