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Preserve / Decouple issue
Last post Sun, Mar 08 2015 by Chris T, 2 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Feb 26 2015 14:27
by Chris T
Joined on Fri, Mar 23 2012, Posts 40

Hi Vienna users


I'm still very confused about the Preserve / Decouple buttons, and I think it may have something to do with the issue I'm having:


I have a Master Mac running DP8, and 3 slave Macs running VEP server (1 old Mac Pro, 2 Mac Minis), each with multiple VEP instances loaded (e.g. strings, wind, brass, perc etc) in their own Metaframes.


I'm constantly enabling / disabling VEP Instrument tracks in DP (since DP always crashes on audio file bounce when VEP Instances are active). I also like to save with all Instances / plugins disabled since it speeds up load times, improves performance, etc.


However, when I ENABLE any of the VEP instances on my Master, it will automatically load a NEW instance of VEP on the WRONG machine (i.e. on my old Mac Pro, not Mac Mini 1 where it is saved in the Metaframe). I have to always disconnect this newly-made Instance, delete it, then reconnect it (on my Master) to the intended computer (MM1). As you can imagine, this gets very annoying.


I have saved Metaframes on each slave computer and am pretty diligent about re-saving. My typical setup on my slave metaframes is to have Preserve AND Decouple checked. I'm confused though between these  P / D options on the slave metaframes and the same option (buttons) on the VEP instrument plugins on my master. (Also, when I save metaframes on the slaves and make sure Decouple is always check, they don't seem to stay that way if I quit / re-open the metaframe...)...


In order for this auto-load to not happen, should Preserve be DEselected on slave / master? I keep Decouple checked since i don't want it to save all my slave setups every time I save in DP. 


I guess my question is: what exactly is the difference between Preserve and Decouple (both on Master Plugin Instr and Slave Metaframes), and for what I want - i.e. no auto-saving of slaves, but a quick instantiation of Instances on slaves once I make the Plugins active on Master - what would be the best P / D config for me?


Thank you!

Posted on Sun, Mar 08 2015 05:38
by Chris T
Joined on Fri, Mar 23 2012, Posts 40

Anybody out there?.. I have 3 slave macs and one master. When I intantiate a VEPro Plugin instance on my master, which is supposed to point to a VEP instance on one slave mac (saved in its metaframe), the WRONG slave Mac automatically opens a new instance. I have to disconnect, then delete it.

I'm careful about naming the instance VEP Plugin identical to the instance.

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