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Problems with VEP and Pro Tools / Kontakt
Last post Fri, Aug 21 2015 by stevegalante, 4 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Apr 19 2015 18:07
by stevegalante
Joined on Wed, May 30 2012, Posts 23

I'm successfully demoing the VEP Pro 5, but I have a couple problems, and just wanted to make sure it's not anything related to the VEP but to other plugins/applications.
I'm using typically 4-5 instances of Kontakt 5 (VST, last version, all updates done) with 64 audio outs into ProTools HD 11 (native) on MacPro 2010 Dual Quad Core 2,4 GHz, 32 GB RAM, running Yosemite.
I normally setup latency to 1 buffer on the VEP Server Interface.
When I load a session in PT, the VEP (quite slowly, but that's another story) loads all the Kontakts' patches.
When all seems loaded I play the session, but many notes are chopped or cut, as if Kontakt's still loading samples (I have the option "load samples in background" unchecked in Kontakt).
I have to play the whole session a couple times before having all my notes play. Is this normal ?

Another problem I have, sometimes when I select a stereo bus coming from the VEP as input in one aux/audio stereo track in ProTools I can't select the bus I want. For example I select bus 11-12 but it gives me 7-8.
It seems shifted by 4, some number cannot be selected at all.
I made a little video here :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIK3aiY2v3E Not sure it's strictly VEP-related, but who knows.

Thank you in advance


Posted on Mon, Apr 20 2015 12:49
by marnix
Joined on Tue, Mar 16 2004, Vienna, Posts 987

Hello Steve,

I have also just replied to the your support request by email.

Ad 1. Please deactivate Kontakt´s Memory Server (/Options/Memory/) - does that make a difference?

Ad 2. How many Audio Outputs have you set in the VE Pro Preferences/Server/Instances/Connection Settings? Can you please send me a zipped copy of such a PT session, so I can better look into this?

Best, Marnix

Posted on Fri, Aug 21 2015 09:00
by Brian Crosby
Joined on Thu, Jul 05 2012, Posts 1


I'm having the exact same issue as Steve below - many notes are choppped off or don't work after loading. The system improves a little after some time but it's still glitching (especially with Hollywood Strings). In PT settings my buffer setting is 512samples and cache size 12GB. In Kontakt the memory server is de activated. I'm running about 15 instances of Kontakt (over two VEP v frames) - my memory activity monitor shows 25GB memory used (5GB App Memory, 20GB wired memory) and 16GB Cache. My system is : New Mac Pro 3.5 GHz 6-Core, Pro Tools HD12 Native, Yosemite, 64GB RAM. I'm also using OSC Touch on Ipad connected via Osculator. My samples are stored on an external thunderbolt spinning drive. 

Many thanks for any advice.

Best, Brian.

Posted on Fri, Aug 21 2015 14:14
by stevegalante
Joined on Wed, May 30 2012, Posts 23

Brian, what solved the problem for me was one particular setting in Kontakt.

Go to Options/Memory, turn OFF the "Use Memory Server" option under the "KMS - KONTAKT Memory Server" tab, then turn ON the "Override Instrument's Preload Size" under the "Instrument Preload buffer size" tab.

The inportant setting is how big you set this buffer size, for me setting it at 90.00 kB made everything completely load before playing, so no more chopped notes, you have probably to try different values until you find the smallest one that makes everything work on your system.

Hope this helps



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