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Is it possible to use multiple MIRs for reverbs on Mix Stems?
Last post Sun, May 17 2015 by Dietz, 7 replies.
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Posted on Tue, May 12 2015 01:00
by shmorrell
Joined on Thu, Dec 11 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 27

Hi all - A few years ago I converted my template such that I could record stems for delivery to post-production houses. Now I can record 5 stems (Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Perc, Misc) in one pass. I run a short room reverb, and a hall for each stem. (10 reverbs in all)

I am combining sample libs and therefore some instruments require no additional verb (QLSO) and some are bone dry (VSL, Sample modeling) I am interested in trying MIR but if there isn't a way to integrate it into my stemming setup I wouldn't be able to use it. 

I am using 2 slave computers running VEPro which hold 99% of my template. I have 8 VEPro instances running into LogicX on my master computer. Each audio path returning to Logic consists of a instruments from a single library. 

Is there any way to integrate MIR (pro ?) into my rig? Would I run 5 of them? Do I use sends to MIR inputs? Is this way too complicated to post on a forum?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!!



Posted on Tue, May 12 2015 09:31
by Dietz
Joined on Tue, Aug 06 2002, Vienna / Europe, Posts 7419
I wouldn't call any Vienna Instrument "bone-dry" .... but yes, MIR Pro will happily integrate with most stemming concepts known to mankind - both as integral part of Vienna Ensemble Pro and as plug-in in 3rd-party hosts. :-)

Kind regards,
/Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, May 12 2015 15:27
by Cyril Blanc
Joined on Thu, Dec 19 2002, Paris France, Posts 2658

You will need to separate QLSO and send it "dry" to the final mix

 My music computer is at about 2000 km away, so I cannot check if in MIR you can specify that an instrument is to be used as "dry"

The best for you, is to give it a trial (you get a month trial free)

Be carefull you need one MIR license per computer, See with Dietz if you can have a trial license per computer

You will see MIR IS F.A.B.O.U.L.O.U.S. ;) and you will trash QLSO like I did it 

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Posted on Fri, May 15 2015 10:34
by Plougot
Joined on Mon, Jan 25 2010, Posts 87

Originally Posted by: Dietz Go to Quoted Post
I wouldn't call any Vienna Instrument "bone-dry"

Agreed. You should really be careful to consider differently real "bone-dry" (aka anechoic) samples, like the trumpet from Sample modeling and dry but still not fully anechoic ones (like almost anything else I know, since most, if not all, other sample modeling products have some sort of inner ER effects (tuba, horns, trombones...) or are just not anechoic (Swam).

I find that anechoic samples have some sort of harshness that needs to be tamed down (Using Early reflexions and EQ) before sending them inside MIR.

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Posted on Sun, May 17 2015 21:02
by shmorrell
Joined on Thu, Dec 11 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 27

Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions. For anyone else who might be reading this thread for information let me just say that I am loving what MIR is able to do. And I now see that my original question was kind of a silly one. MIR doesn't behave like a regular reverb where you send a bunch of sounds to it and then the reverb from all those sounds comes out a piar (or more) of outputs. If you use MIR as an insert plugin all the reverb is disceret to only the sounds coming through that channel strip. 

So, it's ideal for delivering stems and being able to generate those stems in one record pass through a cue.

I need more starts for the demo. How do I contact Deitz, or someone else to do that?


Posted on Sun, May 17 2015 22:35
by Dietz
Joined on Tue, Aug 06 2002, Vienna / Europe, Posts 7419
Good to hear that you like MIR Pro! :-)

For more starts within the 30-days demo period, just open the eLicenser Control Center application and "reload" your eLicenser (you need to be online).

For personal help please get in contact with .

/Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, May 17 2015 22:37
by Dietz
Joined on Tue, Aug 06 2002, Vienna / Europe, Posts 7419
PS: This announcement could be helpful, too:

-> https://vsl.co.at/commun...-demo-license#post235602
/Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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