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VE Pro 5 and Cubase, sound distortion
Last post Sun, Mar 06 2016 by Piano Pete, 7 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Feb 21 2016 17:17
by Lassi Tani
Joined on Tue, Feb 16 2016, Posts 2

I have a slave and a master setup using ethernet, with VE Pro 5 on the slave and Cubase 8.5 Pro (both 64-bit) on the master. I started up VE Pro Server 64-bit on the slave, Cubase connects to it just fine, and I added Berlin Strings legato patch to the slave's VE Pro. When I play my keyboard, I get a sound, but it's very distorted and no cracks.

I updated the ethernet card drivers, and changed buffer settings, but no success. It doesn't seem like buffer problem, because the sound is distorted very heavily, but actually doesn't crack. I disabled Antivirus and firewalls for both machines, but didn't help. Also tested with Asio Guard and without, no success.

I don't know, what to do check next. Any ideas?

Systems specs:

- Master: i7 5820k, 32gb RAM, Windows 7 64-bit, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

- Slave: i7 4970k, 32gb RAM, Windows 7 64-bit

Posted on Fri, Mar 04 2016 10:01
by Martyn Swain
Joined on Thu, Jan 23 2014, Posts 11

... I have exactly the same isue, running Logic on Macs.

Not much help to you now - but I'll let you know if/how I resolve the issue.

MJ Swain
Posted on Fri, Mar 04 2016 15:54
by Martyn Swain
Joined on Thu, Jan 23 2014, Posts 11

Hi there, I posted earlier today and just fixed my issue, simply by increasing my buffer size in Logic X on the master machine.

It was originally set at 32 (fine on a new iMac) - simply doubling it to 64 it was enough to get my old Mac Pro up & interested, with next to no latency.

I REALLY hope this works for you - it took me 3 hours to get to this relatively simple solution!

Oh - and for the record? My wi-fi and bluetooth are now running on both machines.


MJ Swain
Posted on Fri, Mar 04 2016 16:13
by Martyn Swain
Joined on Thu, Jan 23 2014, Posts 11

Sorry - just one other point - I updated the software on my slave machine early on - having matching (current) software on each machine, from what other strands have suggsted, seems to be pretty important.

MJ Swain
Posted on Fri, Mar 04 2016 17:38
by Lassi Tani
Joined on Tue, Feb 16 2016, Posts 2

Hi! Thanks for the response! Well, it didn't help me :/. I had to change the buffer size to 1024 and it worked, but I used only one track. With a huge template that's not good. I suspect my router settings are somehow wrong.

Posted on Sun, Mar 06 2016 07:01
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13736

Hi Lassi Tani, 

Maybe a stupid question: Could it be that you are connecting over WLAN instead of your LAN connection?
What are your network settings?


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Mar 06 2016 22:28
by Piano Pete
Joined on Wed, Aug 12 2015, Posts 28

I have been having similar problems, since December, when using a networked system. Although I have gotten some audio distortion, I have been mostly been getting random pops and crackles, which do not seem to be related to buffer size. Side note, these artifacts do not happen in consistent spots, nor do they make it into the final export.

After burning out my UR22, I got a Focusrite2i4. I was having some issues with Cubase, but after contacting Focusrite support, they sent me some beta drivers that were not posted on their website. These drivers resolved some of the problems in Cubase, but they did not fix the issues of using VEP5 across computers. You may wish to ask support if they have any really current drivers?

Have you gone through and tested the DPC latency in your machines to see if anything is locking up your cpus? This problem seems to be amplified for people using windows 8.1-10. DPC latency, along with network drivers, making sure you have a fast enough ethernet cable, and adjusting your buffersize are the only things I have been able to find to potentially fix this issue. Sometimes one thing seems to fix it for most people, while not so much for others. Most of suggestions and help I have received have not been through the VSL website.

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