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Posted on Tue, Mar 15 2016 16:29
by alain2B
Joined on Mon, May 11 2015, Posts 6

I am testing since a day or two the Cubase "Note Epression" Midi function editing (not the "Expression Map").
I test several ways to record note by note (midi input on) the appropriate VSL articulation:

- VIP inside VE5
- VIP as a VST instrument
- via midi dump VIP button
- via Remote IOS App

1. I choose any matrix in VIP
2. command X,Y,A/B switches with CC instead of keyswitches or other
3. Say  X -> CC112 Y -> CC113 A/B -> CC114 (eventually matrix change with CC115)
4. I select a note in midi Key editor
5. In VIP, I select an articulation and press midi dump button (or press directly articulation in Remote App)
6. Cubase record it and show a special "<>" expression icon at the end of the note rectangle
7. I repeat 4 to 5 steps
8. When I play back, the result is working but only in Y axis (I tried other CC values with no succes)

When I double-click on notes to inspect expression data, everything is fine at the right place.
If I select the function in Cubase "Dissolve expressions", the data are converted into classic CC lanes and then, again, everything is fine... but exactly at the same time as the note start event.

So, in order to work and stay in the "note expression" way, I'll need a way to read (move) all expression data earlier (2 or 3 ticks).

I tried in the "note expression MIDI setup" page to change the "controller catch range" from 2 to 5 ticks but it seems not to change anything.

Does anybody knows something about that ?
I red somewhere that note expression isn't really supported by VSL but we are very close of a very very nice way to work fast & easy with any matrix.

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