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Optimum Soundcard for Gigastudio 3.X and VSL??
Last post Wed, Dec 29 2004 by David Govett, 4 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Dec 27 2004 04:02
by circlingkailas
Joined on Mon, Dec 27 2004, Posts 18
Sad Hi everyone- I have a great VSL and Gigastudio 3.X, but I have been having a problem with my M-Audio 24/96 Audiophile soundcard. Two things I have noticed, first I cannot get Gigastudio to recognize the S/PDIF outs on the M-audio soundcard, and second I am not convinced that the M-audio Midi is responsive to VSL performance tool. This is what I want: a soundcard that I know I can send digital outs from a Gigastudio DAW to another computer, and a soundcard that works with VSL performance tool. Any suggestions? By the way, the computer is a VisionDAW Windows XP Pentium 4 3.X Mghz, 2 GB unit with the M-Audio 2496 Audiophile with the latest drivers, loaded with the lastest version of Gigastudio.
Posted on Mon, Dec 27 2004 11:32
by Matt 1
Joined on Wed, Dec 11 2002, France, Posts 308
I am working with Nuendo 8 I/O and the PCI 9652 to it.
The same you can get from RME. These cards are very impressive and reliable!
Posted on Mon, Dec 27 2004 22:04
by gugliel
Joined on Wed, Aug 25 2004, Posts 383
I use the same audio card you have, m-audio audiophile 24/96 -- the audio from gs3 goes out by spdif to another computer, and from there to my amplifier by analog -- works fine for me??? And the midi has never given me any problems either. (I don't use the performance tool, but that wouldn't seem to directly access the audio card anyway). For sure, it is not the best audio card available, but it should work for what you indicate as your problems.
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Posted on Wed, Dec 29 2004 19:32
by David Govett
Joined on Mon, Jul 29 2002, Austin Texas USA, Posts 1046
Thats strange. I've had great luck with the whole Maudio line including that. I haven't tried spdif though through Giga. I'll have to check that out. You might want to experiment with the M-audio control panel settings in the spdif page before giving up. There are alot of settings and tabs to experiment with on that card.
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