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Additional instruments in each section
Last post Fri, May 13 2016 by GoranTch, 5 replies.
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Posted on Mon, May 09 2016 00:45
by Dennis B
Joined on Mon, Apr 11 2016, New York, Posts 8

Hey eveyone...my first post.  And I'm sure this has been asked, but here goes.  I like to use a traditional orchestra template. and need 3 trumpets to complete the section.  Also 3 bones, 2 oboes....you get the idea.  Can't use the same sampled instrument because when unisons occur they phase.  I have special Edition 1 and the Epic Ordhestra.  I heard about usind the pitchbend to transpose and therefore use different samples, but this seems like a convoluted solution.  How does VSL address this issue?  If buying additional libraries does the trick that's fine, but there are so many different "packages" that I'm confused.

Thank, Dennis

Posted on Mon, May 09 2016 07:59
by Saxer
Joined on Sat, Apr 18 2009, Frankfurt Germany, Posts 115

It's always a compromize. You could load three tracks of solo trumpet and one ensemble. For chords you can use the three solos and for unison the ensemble (+one solo). What I don't like at that concept: it's not very intuitive for unison lines that end in chords or vice versa. And it's hard to export it to (or use it in) a notation program as it doesn't correspond to score tracks.

The transposition trick works well. I used it for strings, trombs and horns in VIpro. But mostly I just fill the gaps with instruments of other libraries.

Dimension Brass could solve your problem. These are sections built of single instruments recorded together but miked seperately. So there's no phasing when using them in unison.

With the woodwinds of Special edition Vol2 you should have a doubled WW section.

Posted on Mon, May 09 2016 13:11
by Dennis B
Joined on Mon, Apr 11 2016, New York, Posts 8

thanks Saxer. I think I'll give the transpoition a try.  I like seeing each inst on it's on midi track and also need to export to Sibelius, so separate inst tracks are the way to go for me.  

Posted on Fri, May 13 2016 14:45
by MassMover
Joined on Mon, Sep 29 2008, Posts 236

I use a 2nd performance in the Vienna Instrument which holds my 1st trumpet, and put the a3 trumpets with the same matrix as my solo trumpet, and I program a keyswitch to switch between the solo and the ensemble performance.

When a unison occurs I switch to that ensemble performance. The music is also written in the other two trumpets, but the notes are muted (a feature logic pro has, don`t know about other DAWs), so you can read the music in all three staves, but only the 1st with the ensemble patches is playing.

Posted on Fri, May 13 2016 15:10
by GoranTch
Joined on Tue, Mar 14 2006, Berlin, Germany, Posts 524

Originally Posted by: Dennis B Go to Quoted Post

thanks Saxer. I think I'll give the transpoition a try. 

Would be my recommendation as well. You just set the transposition in the player and raise the pitch bend to compensate and you are ready to go (nothing convoluted about this ;-)

As VI player's pitch bend parameter is MIDI automatable, you can freely switch between transposed and non-transposed patches/instruments in the same instance. 

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