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Posted on Mon, May 16 2016 19:59
by temasterson_1870
Joined on Tue, Mar 25 2003, Posts 19


**EDIT - This problem may have been caused by a faulty USB hub connection that was forcing my hard drives to run at 2.0 speeds. I am currently transfering all my libraries over to a slave mac mini to test everything properly. **

Hi. I just recently started to give VE Pro another shot after giving up on it a while back. Here's what I'm finding at the moment.

I have Ableton Live running as my master DAW and VE Pro hosting some Kontakt libraries. The software is connected locally (on the same computer) at the moment although I do have other computers that I was hoping to use together over ethernet. Buffer in Live is 128; VE Pro server is running at 2 x buffer. Live is using 4% of my Macbook Pro CPU; VE Pro is using about 12%; there is 80% idle and less than 1 GB in use of the 16GB available. Sample libraries are accessed from external USB 3.0 SSDs.

Once loaded I can play the libraries from Live for about one minute then all of a sudden I get crackling and glitching to the extent that it sounds as if my speakers are being ripped apart. Not just the ocassional pop and crackle; total hard drive failure noise. But if I click on the VE Pro server in the dock, which subsequently brings the VE Pro window back to the front the audio stream immediately works properly again. Until I go back to Live and after another minute the same thing happens again.

I remember the same thing happening with Logic + VE Pro many months ago when I was using my old Mac Pro and I eventually gave up because it was totally unusable. I sold the Mac Pro thinking it was probably not up to the task, but it seems VE Pro is the problem.

I should also point out that the main usage I have for VE Pro is for live performances not the playback of large ensembles. I'm basically trying to enable 4 or more musicians to perform simultaneously using virtual instruments and plugin FX via MIDI controllers with VE Pro distributing the CPU load. I've tried many times over the years to get VE Pro to do this with no success. Working at 256 buffer (44.1khz) with 2 x buffer will result in 17ms latency using my MOTU 1248 thunderbolt interface (one the fastest available) and this is not usable in a live scenario. 8ms is the most I can work with and even that is too much for vocals without causing the phasing of in ear monitoring.


Posted on Fri, Jan 27 2017 16:40
by lewisap
Joined on Sun, Oct 01 2006, Bangor, Wales, UK, Posts 10

[** EDIT **  Sorry, this has already been discussed and solved here: [SOLVED] VEP 5 sounds distorted, unless in foreground. The solution is to turn off App Nap in Vienna Ensemble ]

I am having the same problem with stuttering audio, when the Vienna Ensemble window is not the front/active window. When I click to bring it to the front, the audio is fine again, and it's ok for about a minute. Then the whole thing repeats. (Using the app switcher <cmd><tab> to bring the window to the front also works.)

The stuttering audio is a Core Audio thing, and I've heard it elsewhere -but why does it happen when Vienna Pro is in the background, and goes away when it's in the foreground?

I'm using one machine - MacBook Pro, MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 (beta), Vienna Ensmble 5.4.15551 (64 bit), Vienna Instruments Pro 2.4.15551, ProTools 12.5.0 with ReWire. The sounds are on a Firewire disk connected to thunderbolt port.

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