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Still stuck notes with combo Logic, VEP6 and Kontakt
Last post Wed, Dec 14 2016 by jesse.nemitz, 6 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Oct 18 2016 15:06
by snattack
Joined on Fri, Oct 03 2008, Piteå, Sweden, Posts 70

So, since VEP6 have been updated, and this problem still persists, I though I'd try this again:

Since day 1 I've used Logic and VEP together, I've been having problems with notes getting stuck on stopping playback. I've tried EVERYTHING in terms of changing any settings in the VEP server, in Logic, and I've googled and read through forums. Nothing. Except that it seems like there are plenty of other people having the same problem.

The problems is this: Using Kontakt inside a VEP instance sometimes hangs the notes on stop when playing back from Logic. Occationally this problem showed up in Cubase as well (I switched a year ago), but not nearly as often.

Midi reset doesn't help. The only thing helping is the panic button inside Kontakt. Which can't be automated.

From what I've learned, it has something to do with regions being cut into smaller pieces. So let's say I want the first half of a event in Logic, I'd cut the even in middle and remove the second half.

So, before I kind of throw all my equipment out the window, I'd like to check it someone finally found a workaround for this. This is currently by biggest workflow hog.

It affects all my Logic projects. All my slave computers, including connecting to localhost with VEP. It affects different libraries, and I've been through all versions of Kontakt before 5.6.

Suggest anything I can try.

Posted on Thu, Oct 20 2016 14:56
by snattack
Joined on Fri, Oct 03 2008, Piteå, Sweden, Posts 70

BUMP. Still no luck.

Posted on Fri, Oct 21 2016 09:23
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13475


We cannot reproduce this here. 

Can you please tell us exact steps to provoke such behaviour, or send a file to ?

Also, does this happen with Vienna Instruments as well (just to double-check)?


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Fri, Oct 21 2016 11:59
by snattack
Joined on Fri, Oct 03 2008, Piteå, Sweden, Posts 70


Here's an old post describing the exact same problem.

This happens only in Kontakt.

The easiest way of reproducing this with Kontakt is writing a bunch of legato lines, press play and then click in the top bar to "jump around" with the playahead among the legato lines (forcing logic to trigger "note off" and start playing from a new position). After a while some of the lines get stuck. This is probably not a "note" getting stuck in the conventional way, but a voice getting stuck (since many orchestral libraries use stacked voices on the same note for X-fading, etc), which also explains why "note off" doesn't help, since the voice itself doesn't respond to this.

It tends to happend less when "chasing notes" is disabled in Project Settings. In the thread above, an explaination is offered where it is suggested that this has to do with VEP "forgetting" to send note off in large templates. This would probably be reasonable in my case, since I have almost 255 instrument channels which in turn consists of 16 midi channels. Maybe you could try creating an incredible large template with as many VEP-instances and try if that helps reproducing the problem.

The reason for suspecting VEP is that it doesn't happend when the exact same Kontakt instance, loaded on the exact same channel, doesn't get any stuck notes.

Posted on Wed, Dec 14 2016 17:17
by lozlab
Joined on Wed, Mar 10 2010, Posts 8

Hi, exact same problem here with similar configuration.

no workaround here just uncheking "follow notes" seems to help., also experiencing gaps of sound and short jumps of the logic read bar. I have no suggestions for the moment and struggling to try to make music in confidence with vep, seems really difficult . would be interresting to know if other user dont have probllem with this working setup.

Posted on Wed, Dec 14 2016 20:48
by jesse.nemitz
Joined on Sun, Jun 12 2011, Posts 27

YES I have this same issue. Cubase 7, 8 and 9.0.1confirmed... sending midi data to kontakt 5.6 hosted in VEP6 will intermittently get a stuck note... only can be fixed by Kontakt's panic button. Was unplugging diffirent midi controls left and right because I had no idea what was causing it. thanks for posting guys!



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