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Posted on Wed, Feb 26 2020 21:16
by Koda
Joined on Wed, Feb 26 2020, Posts 1

Originally Posted by: jwitzsch Go to Quoted Post

Originally Posted by: Dietz Go to Quoted Post

why not develop some sort of "plugin" variation for VEP, that I can insert into any track on my DAW, that functions just like any other inserted plugin (meaning it is it's own "all in one audio send and return" in that very track, so to say): it routes that very channel/audio forth and back to/from the VEP server instance? 

In other words: I insert this "VEP FX plugin" into track number 1, create its "counterpart" instance in VEP, where I will insert any combination of plugins I want to use there (like dynamics, EQ, FX) and automatically, audio from track number 1 gets sent to its "counterpart" in VEP, processed and routed back via that "VEP FX plugin" instance into the very track again. Then I proceed with track number 2 etc. - So finally, by using this "VEP FX plugin", VEP really IS an easy to use FX-rack, too. (I hope, that I could make myself understandable)


I understand that VEP is born to offload virtual instruments, mostly samplers but since it's the only real "generic" software (I mean able to open any third party vsts) to network-offload resources on main PC daw, this is a natural and most welcome evolution to many I guess.

It could be used mainly for virtual instruments during production/arrangement sessiond and mainly to offload vst effects (both send type effects and insert effects, like console/tape/other emulations, comps, eqs, pres, and so on) during mixing and mastering session. 

Having it working like a regular insert, not just in an "emulated" send/return scenario is a natural step.

Just think about Acustica Audio heavy plugs for example (each buy grants you 5 pc licenses so it will be no problem to multi-install), this would be a perfect companion to offload most of their plugs allowing you to have a xxx channel console/tape/pres/stripts perfectly emulated and offload.

10Gb ethernet cards are now quite common and 40Gb are next, so ethernet would be no bottleneck to audio send/return, not even at higher sample rates.

Hoper to here something from you on plans for this which as I said would open your software to a far broader audience (not just composer but all sort of audio engineer) and be the natural evolution of such a great product.

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