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Anyone using VEPro for non-orchestral templates?
Last post Tue, Dec 20 2016 by Ionactive, 4 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Dec 19 2016 17:24
by themactech
Joined on Sun, Dec 18 2016, Baltimore, Posts 1

Hi all

Just curious.. I got my demo up and running on a slave Mac Pro. Although I'm curious about getting into more orchestral writing and samples I was wondering if anyone is using their VEPro primarily with soft synth vsts.. 

I have the Arturia V-Collection as well as Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate and was thinking maybe creating a template with a track for each Arturia and NI synth so their loaded and ready to experiment with. Obviously they suck up a lot of CPU just being enabled thus the slave Mac Pro 12-core with 32Gb.

Thanks for your thoughts


Posted on Tue, Dec 20 2016 08:54
by Ionactive
Joined on Sat, Mar 30 2013, Posts 50


Ok, I do a reasonable amount of orch related music, but my main reason for VE PRO 5 (and now 6) was to distribute both RAM and CPU load. So my typical set up at the moment looks like this.


Slave 1 orch

Slave 2 choir and FX

Slave 3 VI instruments

For slave 3 I use it for really CPU intensive stuff  - like VI moddeling synths, Iris 2, Omni and others.  For slave 2 I run the huge convolution reverb Altiverb 7. I route a load of audio through this.

The overall advantage are two fold for me. 1) My Pro tools rig runs like a dream with no stress at all. 2) I have virtual racks of FX and synths just reading to be 'on tap' for any project I am working on. The funny thing is I now run a powerful 64 MB windows 10 system for my DAW and probably many of my projects could be created from within this alone (I do use lots of hardware synths too). But since getting into VE PRO I like the distributed way of working.


p.s. my number one wish for VE PRO is that they finally sort out mono channels. I really was hoping this would be sorted for VE PRO 6. For example, I run BFD 3 (drums) from a slave. It runs really well and takes a whole load off the DAW - but I wish I could simply route the kick mic through a mono channel in VE PRO 6

Posted on Tue, Dec 20 2016 14:09
by Anhtu Vu
Joined on Thu, Sep 24 2009, Posts 23

What version of PT are you on ? Do you notice when connecting PT to VEP in server mode, there's quite a bit of CPU spikes in PT ? 

Posted on Tue, Dec 20 2016 14:18
by Ionactive
Joined on Sat, Mar 30 2013, Posts 50

PT 12.6

Short answer no. But just upgraded my array to Win 10  / VE PRO 6 so I need to run some tests first. Will let you know.. 


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