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Posted on Sun, Jan 15 2017 16:27
by saxmand
Joined on Wed, May 06 2009, Posts 67

In the New Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2; How come the Dynamic articulations crescendo and diminiendo has been sepearted instead of being one 'patch' using the AB switch like all other VSL libraries?

It makes it a bit harder to combine it with other libraries..! Maybe there's a thought behind it? I just found the "old" way more practical :) 

Thanks, Jesper

Posted on Sun, Jan 15 2017 16:51
by Andreas 1
Joined on Fri, Jun 09 2006, Posts 36

+ 1

Posted on Sun, Jan 15 2017 17:31
by herb
Joined on Mon, Aug 05 2002, Posts 4622

Hi Jesper,

We've decided to assign open and fingered strings for A/B switching, otherwise the amount of patches would have been doubled.


Posted on Sat, Jan 21 2017 14:57
by saxmand
Joined on Wed, May 06 2009, Posts 67

Thanks for your answer Herb. I'm honered receiving that from you. While I have you here; also thanks for all the great work you've done for us composers!!

Cool, with thatj AB vibrato/nonvibrato feature, hadn't noticed that small comment in the patch list section (and hadn't seen it anywhere on the site). I love that you put that detail in your samplings and give us the option to force an open string. The string choice is actually one of my favorite thing about Dimension strings, which is also why it's one of the libraries I use the most, because of it's supreme flexability in size, technic and a fair amount of articulation (compared to any library ever created!). 

When that said, I hate to sound a bit conservative, but I would much rather have prefered to have it as two seperate patches, regular and open string. Then I could created two different Matrix, like DS. Cause now it's much harder combining it with DS or any other VSL libraries, cause I have to change how that particular instrument is programmed.



-- Another small detail I notice; The Dynamic Range fader doesn't seem to work well for either Cello 2 or Violin 2 (little better with violin 2)..?! I actually thought it was done by the VI Pro, but apparently it depends how you export your articulation patches..?

Cause it's a feature I really use a lot. So I'll flatten the dynamics between the different dynamic layers and then play my dynamics with CC11. This way I can have access to all dynamic layers at any dynamic, so in principle I can crossfade from a mild legoto played at Pianisimo to the heavy vibrato played at Forte Fortissimo without it sounding louder :) 


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