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Techniques for doubling instruments (2nd violins, 2nd tpt etc.)
Last post Sun, Oct 08 2017 by LAJ, 2 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Oct 06 2017 16:56
by shnootre
Joined on Fri, Aug 05 2016, Portland, Maine, Posts 65


I know that the preferred technique for creating second sections or instruments out of a single patch is to record and then transpose. 

I'm wondering if there are other techniques that would work in a more live situation. I am specifically interested in playback from a notation program. I have VI Pro and Chamber Strings, as well as other libraries where I'd like to double up. 

I know I can do certain obvious things like detune, but I'm wondering if there are tricks for this situation. 

Also, I'm mocking up an opera where I have lots of vocal soloists. I have Vienna solo voices, and wonder about tricks and technniques to make multiple instances of the same voice type (e.g. tenor) sound different. 


Daniel Sonenberg
Posted on Sun, Oct 08 2017 07:06
by LAJ
Joined on Sun, Dec 13 2009, Posts 529
Hello Daniel,

if you speak of a "live" situation this is difficult to achieve. If I wanted to create a choir of a solo singer live I would choose the micro-pitch-effect from Eventide (which you find in the Plug in "Ultrachannel" or as an Alternative from Soundtoys "micro shift" which does the same in a specific PlugIn.

What I am experimenting with at the moment is a possibility to transfer a character of an instrument to another one.
I tested it yesterday and was blown away from the result that Melodyne 4 delivers. (Non-live, but more in a "Post-Production" Situation with bounced audio tracks)

Here is a Video where the Melodyne-Chief shows how you copy the "spectrum" from a clarinet to a Saxophone and make the Sax sound like a clarinet. What you hear and see in this Video (Starting at 4:30) really works. From my Point of view a great solution for all Vienna users!


By the way ... Melodyne works also great for vibrato manipulation. The Alto sings pretty heavy vibrato which can be reduced there ...

Best Lars
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