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Planning/budgeting questions for Sychron
Last post Thu, Oct 12 2017 by fahl5, 2 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Oct 12 2017 00:10
by stephen limbaugh
Joined on Tue, Feb 23 2016, Los Angeles, Posts 152

VSL team,

I'm relatively new to VSL, only since 2016 when I got my first job scoring a film.  Since then I've purchased a number of libraries, software, roompacks,  and signed up for the Vienna Training Center.  This isn't a complaint message, so I hope it does not come across that way.

VSL's technology and sampling methods are moving SO FAST, and as a matter of budget it is hard to keep up.  Like, I thought I was done buying strings when I got the Dimension full library last year.

My questions..

-If I understand the new library correctly, the Sychron Strings can be played in tandem, cohesively, with the other libraries... so if I've got Dimension Strings and put them in the Synchron MIR venue with Sychron Strings, the sound will be cohesive and hypothetically more detailed than just playing the Sychron Strings by themselves?

-AND, will this be the basic solution for divisi material?

-For most projects though, I imagine that there will be no point in blending libraries, right?

-Also, will older libraries work with new Sychron Player?


-Stephen Limbaugh

Posted on Thu, Oct 12 2017 12:11
by fahl5
Joined on Fri, Feb 04 2005, Hall One, Posts 864

Hi Stephen

OK I am not part of the VSL-Team

Working more than a decade with VSL-Samples rather than to "complain" the tempo of development I would talk about its slow but deep and rich development. Sometimes even that slow, that you need some patience to finally get what you are looking for.

The upcomming of the synchron-series seem for all of us kind of a new era in VSL-Samplelibraries leaving the world of dry samples from the silentstage used in the Convolution MIR-Acoustic getting in to the "in situ" recording with original acoustic recroded with multiple microphones.

Yes for all who are "grown up" with silentstage/Mir-Acostic there is the Synchronstage-Mir-Venue meant as bridge from the one concept to the next. And yes the silent stage libraries are still great sample libraries wwith very interesting outstanding abilities and the Synchron-Series is just beginning to appeare being far from the rich amount available in silentstage Libraries. So if you want to use VSL now (!) in its full potantial the combination of the new Sy-Series with the existing Libraries with the MIR-Synchronstage Venue is the way to go, however you know that this far from the end of the story what we could expect from VSL in the more or less "near" future.

However I still would expect, that the silentstage libraries will keep their special benefits, in so far it would never be that wrong to have them, but of course the Synchron series will be the future and we still have to wait "a moment" until it has unfold its potential.

The best you can do be rich and simply get all .

Good Samplelibraries deserve to be used for more than just "Demos",
http://klassik-resampled.de ...more than 3400 mp3 with sample based interpretations of complete Scores from 7 Centuries

You realy want to know how Synchron Strings could sound in real music?
...33 mp3 with more than three hours of complete and ambitious scores from 19th and 20th century produced with Synchron Strings.
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