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Best supplement to the strings in Opus 1?
Last post Mon, Apr 11 2005 by Craig Sharmat, 6 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Apr 07 2005 23:02
by styxstyx
Joined on Mon, Sep 20 2004, Copenhagen, Posts 32
Hi there - and thanks for a wonderful product and a serious forum!

I'm the proud owner of Opus 1, GOS, EWQL gold, Kirk Hunter's solo strings and other orchestral libraries. Getting more jobs as an orchestral simulator - first and foremost the string section - I need to upgrade my productions...
Which would be the better complimentary library for convincing string writing, VSL Chamber Strings or the VSL Solo Strings? (I know the answer would be "both", as I've read many post reg. the subject, and that the Chamber Strings are more or less twice the expense, but besides that...)
My productions covers the whole range from classical over worldmusic to pop/rock.
Layering Kirk's Solo Strings on top of Opus 1' strings kicks in some "natural and human" feel, but I know it's possible to take it further.

Gentlemen, thanks for Your point of views!

(Well - getting the Solo Strings AND Opus 2 equels the price of the Chamber Strings, so I'm aware of that as a sound investment; but the articulations of the latter covers more ground...?)

All the best
Posted on Thu, Apr 07 2005 23:53
by muzik
Joined on Tue, Apr 05 2005, Posts 40
sorry, i can't help you with that decision...but i'm surprised that with the quality library's in your collection (ie. opus 1 and EWQL Gold) that you still feel you're lacking. ohwell, good luck with your search.
Posted on Fri, Apr 08 2005 14:56
by cmpsr2000
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Birmingham, AL, Posts 369
while I think the VSL solo strings sound better than kirk hunter's, if you already have that library I would suggest getting the chamber library from VSL, for use on divisi sections or more layering. (since you have to choose between the two, no point in getting a library that will make another one obsolete if you don't have to)
Posted on Fri, Apr 08 2005 16:38
by dackl
Joined on Sun, Mar 13 2005, New York, NY, Posts 92
Wouldn't OPUS 2 make sense? It has the basic solo strings set, which would be enough to add color to a section. This is what I'm planning on doing.
John D.
John M. Davis
Posted on Sun, Apr 10 2005 22:27
by styxstyx
Joined on Mon, Sep 20 2004, Copenhagen, Posts 32
cmpsr2000 & dackl,

Thanks for Your inputs, it always helps with other POV's - if nothing else, one can make up ones mind disagreeing Smile
Missed though comments from Jaimo, dunk187, Allan & Beat, who - I believe - have all worked with both libraries...?

I've decided to go along with the Chamber Strings, as I know some of the good classical demoes are made with these library only. And more often, I'm asked to add orchestral strings and not solo strings on various productions... And with solo strings in the libs from Kirk Hunter and EWQP Gold, I think it makes sense.

Finally, the learning curve: A little fewer options (samples, articulations and mere size) with Chamber Strings as opposed to Solo Strings hopefully gets me going quicker.

Well, I wish You all rewarding hours with probably the greates library in the world!
Posted on Mon, Apr 11 2005 20:12
by Craig Sharmat
Joined on Wed, Oct 16 2002, Woodland Hills, Posts 416
Personally i like the sound of KH solo strings. It is my favorite lib he put out. If I were in your shoes i'd go with chamber or opus 2 depending on usage. i like solo but i feel you can get away without it. Chamber has a great expressive 7violins patch perfect for layering, and along with the KH stuff you should be well covered. Well you are well covered already, but the chamber is a great extra color and it works perfectly but different from the main strings.
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