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Looking for Woodwind Library
Last post Thu, Jan 25 2018 by JimmyHellfire, 4 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Jan 25 2018 11:11
by Ross Creative Computers
Joined on Tue, Jan 12 2016, Posts 11

Hello Everyone:

I currently have the Vienna Instruments Special Edition Version 5.4

I am looking to get a basic woodwind library but want to make sure that I'm not duplicating what I already have.

For example, is the flute sound in the basic woodwind library significantly better than the Vienna Instruments Special Edition that I currently own? Will I be a be able to hear a significant difference?

Of course, that's not to imply in any way that the sounds of the Special Edition aren't incredible!

Thanks for your input.

Mark A. Ross

Posted on Thu, Jan 25 2018 12:58
by bbelius
Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 881

The woodwinds from woodwinds I sounds so much better: You can hear and feel the difference (much more samples). And do not forget the new playing techniques you get.

Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Jan 25 2018 13:59
by gabriel81
Joined on Tue, Nov 17 2009, Wien, Posts 244

I only have Flute as full download instrument, but the difference is incredible! Especially the velocity layers really make a difference!

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Posted on Thu, Jan 25 2018 14:17
by JimmyHellfire
Joined on Tue, Dec 24 2013, Posts 335

I see it a bit differently.

I did upgrade to Woodwinds I, but not because of the sound itself. There's no difference, as the SE samples are directly derived from the full library. The added velocity layers to me aren't that important for the sustained patches, although they're good to have for short notes.

The benefit of the full library for me is the wealth of articulations, which really give me more options for sculpting performances in more detail and variation. The pre-recorded dynamics also save time, yielding musical results while having to micro-manage CC controls less. It's simply a more comphrehensive toolbox to get the job done.

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