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Posted on Mon, Feb 12 2018 05:56
by ciprianis
Joined on Sun, Nov 13 2016, Posts 19

[partial solution] try sending audio ONLY from daw's return tracks, not straight from your daw's audio or instrument tracks. So if you want to apply a heavy processing (via a slave VE) to a synth, send it's audio to a return track, place a VE Audio Send on that track, send it to the slave, process, then send back to a VE Instrument.

I find myself in a sad situation: I am sending between a macbook pro and a PC (clean windows 10 install, vep running as admin) via static IP addresses and no router or switch - straight cable between the computers. The transfer speed when copying files (both ways) is 900 Mbps flat, ping 0.3ms, both computers have i7's and SSDs, and the crackles appear even when the server is empty (no plug-ins, just the input, outputs and folders).

Tried all buffer combinations (0-4), threads (1-8), DAW's buffer size (128-2048), (firewalls on/off), no difference whatsoever except for larger CPU usage on the client side for small buffer settings. Tried bouncing to audio, the crackles are there. Every time in the same place-ish - looping a 4-bar loop, the crackles appear at the end of bar 1. Tried Logic and Ableton Live, same thing.

I just realised that I purchased this software 2 years ago for the sole purpose to unload the summing processing to a different computer and never managed to use it for this purpose. I am using it sometimes to better distribute the load over multiple cores when using very hungry synth presets which otherwise would choke a single CPU core.

So... did anyone managed sucessfully with VE Pro to send 16 stereo channels to a slave and receive back 8 stereo channels with no pops and clicks?

Posted on Mon, Feb 12 2018 21:35
by bbelius
Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 152

No, couldn't even send 5 stereo signals without clicking.

We discussed this with Dietz here:

Posted on Tue, Feb 13 2018 22:22
by ciprianis
Joined on Sun, Nov 13 2016, Posts 19

TL;DR So now in short I have the following working topology for Ableton Live: VE Instrument set up on a midi track + VE Audio sends set up ONLY on the return tracks. I've set up the entire project to sum on 10 out of these 12 stereo busses, and the first 2 are also sent to the slave VE with the purpose of being used as reverbs.


Thank you for your input, bbelius!

"Audio Input" into VE Pro has always been some kind of experimental feature. Most DAWs are not ready to send audio to an external application from anything else than their actual outputs; abusing a plug-in like VE Pro's "Audio Input" for this task comes for a price ... please keep in mind that VE Pro has been primarily invented to act as a MIDI host that reacts to incoming MIDI data, not audio. - Dietz

--First of all, please don't kill the existing feature, it has great potential :)

--Second: Major DAWs are all having their own plug-ins for sending and receiving audio and midi so they can properly work with hardware gear. So I'd say they are pretty ready to send audio from a track and importing on another audio track and using the actual outputs as well.


Third: I manage to set up Ableton Live to work with Vienna Ensemble Pro by using only the return tracks.

- My first attempt was to make a Live-specific set of summing busses by using audio tracks. These audio tracks were then sent to VE6 Server and then back to a multi-channel instrument track via VE instrument plug-in. This resulted in the disaster I mentioned above.

- Luckily I didnt abandon things and started a fresh empty project bu this time I had a simple plan: to see if could just host a reverb on the slave instead of main computer. So, set up VE Instrument plugin in a new instrument track, set up a click track and send it to Return A, placed an audio send, signal goes to server, no processing and then comes back to VE Instrument. Wow, no clicks, no delay. Awesome. So I set up quickly the max amount of returns that Ableton can do, which is 12 stereo busses. I also set up the returning path with a 6 stereo channel output from VE Instrument. The network connection was "meh, I can do 10 times more data". I placed various plug-ins on the channel strips on the slave, with various latencies, all seems to sync perfectly. Only problem I had so far is with Adaptiverb, this one have a huge buffer, the project is synced while Adaptiverb is inserted and turned on but gets messed up when the plugin is deactivated. So if out-of-sync happens, this may be a reason, remove all deactivated plugins from the project, or keep them on and "bypassed" via dry/wet knob (where available). I didn't populated a full project at this time, I'm almost sure that it wont overload and keep working regardless how busy the project is. Or I'll reduce the number of busses - however this is a huge step forward for me.

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