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SY Player Update?
Last post Fri, May 18 2018 by fahl5, 25 replies.
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Posted on Thu, May 17 2018 16:40
by Eptesicus
Joined on Wed, Oct 16 2013, Posts 23

Originally Posted by: LAJ Go to Quoted Post
The Legato won‘t be changed by the Player-features. And if someone never answers to a certain question, the answer is „I have no idea“ or „No“.

Normally I would not purchase an orchestral product from a competitor cause VSL is great and offers all the great sound and flexibility I want. BUT ... I bought my first non VSL orchestral product HZ-Strings and I like it. Their (SF) new Player is good too.

Eptesicus, what keeps you from purchasing a 2nd String product as an alternative?

The Synchron Player will be great. But it will not change the recorded sound. And a re-recording? Forget it (Return on invest)


I do have other string libraries but old ones - i have VSl orchestral strings (as part of the special edition), Hollywood Strings Diamond and more recently soaring strings.

I bought Synchron Strings for the " legato re-invented" . The marketing made it appear that this would be the next big thing in legato sampling.

In reality they have gone so backwards that it isnt even as good as their very first legato string offering!

You say forget about re-recording bvecause of the return on investment, but that is my argument as to WHY they should re-record. They can't seriously expect profesionals in the industry to be using the legato in this library seriously until it is fixed, and that in turn ruins the prospect of composers using the Synchron series for a coherent orchestral sound. WIthout good legato strings, the whole library, as an orchestra, is a dud.

Posted on Thu, May 17 2018 16:50
by Piotr Katzpersky
Joined on Mon, May 11 2015, Polska, Posts 15

I think that VSL guys have more pressing matters than trying to make player which is very late to the party, work with old libraries ;)

Ok, we've had our laughs, time to get serious. As you clearly can't say "when", which suggest that you are far from finishing it, maybe you could start revealing some secrets of features that you are 100% confident will be in final version of player? So more of a "what' kind of question. Mixer doesn't count!

Are you planning to add some kind of presets like in pianos to model sound of strings? What about new algorithms that you advertised? What will they do? Does the new player will unlock some additional power behind 1 000 000 of samples that are taking half of my SSD? By that I mean for example measured tremolos, time-stretch, additional legato manipulation etc.?

Thanks for any information that will be inofrmative ;)

Posted on Thu, May 17 2018 20:35
by ddunn
Joined on Fri, Aug 03 2007, Posts 66

Of course.  Don't assume I mean't 1st iteration.  I believe I heard mention of this and that it would eventually happen.

Posted on Fri, May 18 2018 05:32
by Adrian B
Joined on Thu, Nov 01 2012, Belmont, CA, Posts 2

We are halfway through May. I remember similarly waiting months in anticiption for ProDrummer (EastWest) and when the demos came out, it was a joke. What sucks is that I've paid for Synchron Strings and have been waiting half a year for its player to be released. This has been an unpleasant experience, and I've heard how diligent composers have been trying to make this work through the existing player, but I tell you making music shouldn't be about pulling hairs out to get it to sound good. 

Posted on Fri, May 18 2018 12:00
by fahl5
Joined on Fri, Feb 04 2005, Hall One, Posts 588

Pjotr you should go for the VSL Westlake Pro session where Paul demonstrates the Synchron Player to come very detailed. And of course the concept of Articulation-Dimensions is not only a cool feature. It is kind of the principle of the sampleplayer reinvented for musical very efficient and reasonable use.

And yes since the Idea when I first sugested it to organize Orchestral samples like that in 2013 was the answer of what I need to make the best use of the power of Dimension-Strings it would definitly make very much sense at least to bring the dimension-Libraries into the synchron player.

But I do not agree, that the "sound" would not be different with a new player, since you never hear just any pure and isolated legatotransition, but always hear the whole musical context and therefor it is for me more than evident that it matters if the player ready to make the most elaborate use of the Libraries which was intended by the developpers or if you are still restricted by the limits of a player which was developed to cope with the very first VSL Orchestral Libraries but of course not for what we got with the Dimension-and Synchron Libraries. In so far imho all "Legato"-Discussion seem at least to me pretty theoretical. Judge it if you are able to use it how it is intended and than choose from the Stringlibraries on the market the one which offers the most diversity, Power and realism. ... (and I am sure we will soon meet here again)

To be serious: Is there any greater resource of sample-based recordings of classical music out there?
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