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Posted on Wed, Apr 18 2018 18:13
by mrd777
Joined on Sun, Oct 01 2017, Posts 7

Hi guys, just got VEP6.

I'm having trouble keeping instruments connected to my daw after I restart. It seems that the instruments only keep connection if I shut my DAW computer down first, then shut down the VEP Slave, and then when I want to restart things, I have to boot up the Slave first, and then the DAW.

So do I need to basically always have the slave running before I start my Daw projects? otherwise it will not automatically reconnect? And if I save the project when the Slave system is OFFLINE, it will save everything as 'disconnected', and force me to reconnect everything?


I just want to make sure I know how to keep all my connections so I don't have to sit there and reconnect a million things. If my template were a couple hundred tracks, and I save the template while the slave system is disconnected for some reason, I lose all my connections?!!! is that how it goes?



Windows 10 Pro on each computer

Cubase 9.5


Connected via direct ethernet cable.

Static IP on  both machines., and (daw)

Posted on Wed, Apr 18 2018 20:00
by mrd777
Joined on Sun, Oct 01 2017, Posts 7

I would also like to make sure I understand this correctly:

You have to setup an instrument track(assign it), and then, as well as an FX track it seems, in order to have VEP host your reverbs?

Posted on Wed, Apr 18 2018 21:45
by Home Studio 87
Joined on Thu, Apr 09 2009, Posts 40

Look at the "Preserve/Decouple"..... in manual.... If you don't "preserve" your server, it's gonna load with your project or if your "Preserve/Decouple" you gonna have to launch VEP server project before your daw project.....

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Posted on Wed, Apr 18 2018 22:35
by mrd777
Joined on Sun, Oct 01 2017, Posts 7

Doesn't preserve and decouple just make it so that the slave server will have that data ready for other projects to load and connect to whenever need-be? It basically allows it to be independant from the DAW project, right?

On that note, I would rather have smaller saved files, and faster save times by decoupling things, but if the server computer crashes, and my daw auto saves, or I save after it crashes, it is going to disconnect each and every instrument from the daw, and I have to go into each one, and re-assign the instrument. Is this really how it's supposed to behave? 

Posted on Thu, Apr 19 2018 01:12
by mrd777
Joined on Sun, Oct 01 2017, Posts 7

Wow I just found a quick work around. If the instance gets disconnected for whatever reason (on Cubase), you open the Vienna Ensemble Pro instrument/effect screen (The screen where you are supposed to assign/choose a VEP instance), and click on the A/B button twice, and it seems to find the instance. Maybe VSL can make the plugin automatically try something like this in future updates to re-connect. Not sure what to say. At least it's somewhat better now!

I'd still like to NOT have to do this if possible. If anyone out there can help, much appreciated :)

Posted on Thu, Apr 19 2018 03:12
by mrd777
Joined on Sun, Oct 01 2017, Posts 7

Alright, so nevermind on that WOW post....

If I disconnect the slave machine (turn off first), or if it crashes, and THEN I save my Cubase project, it will save with all the connection information LOST! Even when I re-open it, I cannot do this a/b setting trick. It's just completely gone. 


VSL please help?

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