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Posted on Fri, Apr 27 2018 10:23
by Richard Ford
Joined on Thu, Nov 25 2010, Posts 38

..or can it be done already?

When opening a cubase project with VEPro in coupled mode etc.. various parameter settings are attributed to the VSTi's in VEPro. Perfect. I can set them any way I like and they are always recalled when the project is loaded.

However whilst working on a project and after changing any VI parameters, unless I record them into cubase I'm going to get lost, not knowing where I started out. I use lots of workarounds to try and help with this but still regularly get confused.

What would really help is a way of recording a 'snapshot' of ALL an instrument's settings in the form of midi CC from the VSTi.  That would be the selected matrix, articulation, and the various CC levels. (Best of all possibly would be the entire VEP mixer channel strip). In other words a "learn current midi CC parameters" function. And just record that midi data (a bit like sysex I suppose) into cubase.

Even if VIPro were the only VI to be capable of this would be massively beneficial - because a) 80% of my orchestral template is going to be Vienna - and b) it is the Vienna instruments that have far more intricate midi control actually in use than most other VI's I might use - Kontakt? it's normally only going to be CC11 and CC1 maybe a filter and the odd keyswitch so hardly worth it.

I'm making the assumption that this is not currently possible, and if it is, please let me know - but would anyone else like this as a feature request as well? 

I wonder - could it be an extension of the automation mapping function?

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