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Last post Sun, Jun 24 2018 by fatis12_24918, 2 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Jun 23 2018 09:52
by fatis12_24918
Joined on Sat, Dec 16 2006, Posts 313


That should be very obvious, but reading some of the posts and comments, as usual the conclusion is that it's not obvious enough.

The new Synchron Player makes almost everything the VI Pro did, and something more.

The new way of creating matrixes and custom presets is not immediately clear if you don't spend a little time reading the manual and even more important, exploring the menu and playing with options.

It is actually possible to implement your own matrixes and presets to suit all the need of keyboards and HW controllers, notation or DAW, and creating legacy programs compatible with old sequences.

The option of creating MIX-presets independent from the insteument-presets is another very important function to learn (you then apply it to whatever setup you created on the fly).

The last important thing to learn is the copy-paste of "cells" (now the name is "SLOT"): VSL created optimal panning, EQ and Delay for each section and articulations in the factory set-up. You may create your own, but starting rearranging the single slots made by VSL is a good idea for quick results: copy a slot and paste it in the new position of your own custom matrix (now just called PRESET), then you may still fine tune at your will.

Yes several sonic artifacts are still anoying experienced users, but before you give-up with something basic, e.g. programming, just try and read... and ASK! Probably other users will help you!

Good Luck and enjoy the new player concept!


Posted on Sun, Jun 24 2018 10:04
by fatis12_24918
Joined on Sat, Dec 16 2006, Posts 313


P.S. a frequent misconception I find in several posts is that new "tree" structure is forcing to a large set of key-switch to get the requested target slot... This is not the case!

The way you get a slot can be totally authomatized and can be linked to interaction between speed, velocities and CC value equally or even better than any other existing player.

You may use whatever controller you want to select slots and operate cross-fadings, including some pretty exotic like Pitchbend or Aftertouch, and Program Changes of course... you may create on the fly whatever set of visible slides and control values in the performance and control pages...

guys experiment with it and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for, and probably even get new ideas. :)

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