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Posted on Sat, Jun 23 2018 23:36
by knievel
Joined on Thu, May 28 2009, Newcastle, England, Posts 80

Hi there!

OK, I´m using Vienna Instruments, and have 1 midi track in my DAW.


If I play in some notes, how can I go back and edit the midi notes to play different articulations? (within the same MIDI track)


When I switch the articualtion in Vienna Instruments, it then plays that articulation for ALL the notes.

I don´t want to use a different track for each seperate articulation.

PS...I have recently just moved from using scoring software (and using that to trigger articulations) to using VSL in a DAW. So apologies for the basic question!


Best regards!

Posted on Sun, Jun 24 2018 00:38
by Bill
Joined on Fri, Sep 23 2005, Berkshires, MA, Posts 1208

We'll need to know which host (DAW) you're using...

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Posted on Sun, Jun 24 2018 02:25
by William
Joined on Sun, Nov 24 2002, USA, Posts 5726

What you generally would do is switch instantly between articulations with keyswitches.  Using separate tracks is not needed.  With VI/VE you can use just one track for each instrument, and switch between any articulations needed.  

I tend to create my own presets, and it is not hard to do as you can tell what articulations you need, and just add each one with a new keyswitch.  

Posted on Tue, Jun 26 2018 07:54
by littlewierdo
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2016, Posts 243

Look at the videos for Vienna Instruments for instructions on how to set this up.

Start with the overiview video and skip to 1 minute in, by the time you are 3 minutes in, it will have explained how to do this.


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