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Synchron Player iPad Control App?
Last post Wed, May 26 2021 by smde, 48 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Oct 18 2020 20:59
by J.Dnp
Joined on Mon, Aug 24 2020, Sydney , Posts 18

Try TouchOSC 🤟

Posted on Mon, Dec 21 2020 15:59
by RyanE.
Joined on Mon, May 25 2020, Austria, Posts 1

Hi there.

I am using TouchOSC + Osculator and it´s working perfectly with other software so far. I tried to configurate with ViennaSynchronPlayer in order to use the Midi CC Control Faders with my iPad. I get the signal to Osculator, but there is no signal in VSP..... .

J.Dnp: What is your configuration? Thanks so much for your help!!

Posted on Sun, Jan 03 2021 14:08
by Richard Ford
Joined on Thu, Nov 25 2010, Posts 45

I am also trying Synchron player again - have lots of libraries for it..  It sounds great and I'd love to use it..

Currently trying th program up the proper Synchron strings - but still keep rememering all the issues with Synchron.

VI Pro is still the go to though mainly due to the problem addressed in thsi thread - I can't control Synchron from ipad.

The second reason for not using so much is because the dynamic range doesn't work properly in Synchron - never gets quiet enough - VI pro is perfect in that respect.

These gremlins have come up many times since the inception of Synchron - I wish they'd get a bit of attention from the devs..

Posted on Mon, Jan 04 2021 20:17
by MatFluor
Joined on Wed, May 10 2017, Olten, Posts 14

I like the Synchron Player (to be fair, I have very little experience with the VI Player). I feel more in control compared to...other samplers.

Back to topic - I throw my voice in as well - and sincerely hope that it's not iOS exlisuve - but Android as well, and maybe even Windows. I programmed in all Keyswitches into Open Stage Control (similar to touchosc, but full free) and think that could be an interesting idea if it is possible to do:

Open Stage Control creates a local webserver, meaning you can access the created frontend from any device that you want (same PC on a touhscreen, android phone, tablet - everything that can pen a website essentially). That might be a direction that could be interesting to look into for the team, if they are planning and have not yet polished everything for a later release. Don't forget the Android crowd and windows tablet crowd please, and consider the potential in a locally running webserver to serve the control surface, that way you don't need to pay any attention to mobile OS developments ;-)

Posted on Tue, Mar 16 2021 23:32
by DaddyO
Joined on Tue, May 22 2012, Washington (US State), Posts 414

Any progress on an iPad remote app for the Synchron Player?

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VE Pro, MIR Pro
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Posted on Wed, Mar 17 2021 16:07
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12984

Hi DaddyO, 

I'm afraid I can't report any progress there, but I think we will see a great option with the Studio One Remote App when it is released. Pretty great usability with the new Sound Variations Feature....


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, May 24 2021 23:51
by Louis C
Joined on Fri, Sep 22 2017, Posts 36

I'm surprised.

VSL's VI app is great - a game changer for performance.

To get the same benefits I've had to put together a way of controlling Synchron using TouchOSC but I'm left wondering:

If I can do this, why don't the good people of Vienna Symphonic do it properly ?

I've used (bought) one of the Articulation packages - but it only works in Logic Pro - I need something that is platform agnostic ...like the VI app.

Posted on Wed, May 26 2021 16:56
by smde
Joined on Sat, Dec 28 2019, Posts 3

Synchron Player iPad Control App.

yes, please!

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