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Vienna Protection Plan
Last post Wed, Apr 07 2021 by migebo, 45 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Feb 19 2019 21:36
by Marcop
Joined on Fri, Feb 08 2019, Roma , Posts 7
Hi everybody,
Please may someone explain to me what is going to happen if I don’t buy VPP and I get my USB licences device or my HDD/SDD with VSLs and Software broken? Should I loose the ability to load again my software and consequently all my money? It seems very strange to me... and being honest even barely legal (at least 2 years of warranty should apply to the USB licences device).
Many thanks and best regards,
Just a grown-up little kid
Posted on Tue, Feb 19 2019 22:23
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12754

Hi MarcoP, 

More information for you!


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Wed, Feb 20 2019 08:09
by Itchy
Joined on Sat, Feb 18 2017, Posts 31

    Since day one and until yesterday I assumed that the eLicenser application “manages the Licenses”. I had fabricated this dream —entirely reasonably but critically incorrectly— where eLicenser secures in their database one’s license information (i.e. the license itself).

    Having awakened after reading the entire thread here, I once again realize I know just enough to be dangerous, and I see I don’t understand the features & limitations of dongle/key protection. The level of responsiveness and dedication of all VSL folks is indisputable, and I admire and appreciate it. Please and thank you, it’s with respect I voice my blunt opinion to be weighed on whatever merit it may have.

    The fact that the VPP itself goes on the key  —& ∴ is subject to being lost when my 15-yr. old key fails— is just (redundantly?) silly. From my evidently ignorant perspective I believe issues of licensing implementation should be maintained by the vendor 100% so that customers shouldn’t have to think about it (much less pay for insurance!). But what do I know? I’m an individual, out of the loop, expecting Amazon to deliver my purchases in 2 days and for free… and then take it back for free. 

    Don’t misunderstand; I recycle & I voted for Bernie  ;)  My relevant experience, and where I learned the word “dongle”, was working customer field support for AVID in Manhattan in the early-mid ‘90’s, then as a software engineer for two other companies for a few years. In those mostly pre-internet days, licensing issues were resolved with a 5-minute telephone call and a database tweak. Of course there are probably administrative expenses for VSL, but, absent the Protection Plan, charging the customer 20 Euros per license is disproportionate.

    Is this (and VPP) revenue stream industry-standard practice?

    Contributors to this thread are very polite, understanding, and grateful to give VSL more money for something that, imo, should be included in the original cost of purchasing any license —especially if it’s the case that licenses on failed keys can be deactivated (who knew they couldn’t be?). Great that “this new system” is so much better, but as Gustar pointed out, this situation we need insurance for was created by the vendor. You understand I’m not wearing white gloves b/c I believe you respect my input/ opinion. Neither the history or the particulars of the issue should concern customers, should they? The reality of my indignance is that replacing my 22 licenses for a failed key would cost me $500US, so, it’s a no-brainer that I need to submit (buy a VPP).


    (wishing you are well while he eats his feet)

Posted on Mon, Apr 05 2021 16:05
by migebo
Joined on Sun, Nov 13 2011, Posts 4

Itchys comment is in fact a comment VSL should learn from. All technical hardware can broken/lost/stolen, so we are responsible for that, it's true enough!

But there is a "MyVSL" button top right on the homepage. Is that really "MY" what I have paid for? I have 16 licenses, just a small amount instead of pro-users, but wich costs are there for VSL? If they have to deactivate the sticks "numbers" just to generate new "numbers" for another stick... ok, I will pay maybe 50,00 Euros for that. 16 or 250 licenses, doesn't matter. I don't think they use a paper storage with all that informations about theirs customers. Otherwise it will be ok for the effort. But hey, they use computers and on that computer they can see our payment for the software we bought.

There are just a few companys outthere using this old methode. No one of them wants to get money for a retrieve so far I have verified... (expt. transfer from ilok to eLicenser and vice versa)

I'm with itchy (so pleasing to read his lines), or Gustar,  I will pay the VPP.

Next month.

But with protest and feeling a gun on my chest.


Posted on Wed, Apr 07 2021 14:30
by migebo
Joined on Sun, Nov 13 2011, Posts 4

Ohhh.... now I could read about the plan to make a change to iLok / cloudservice...

So my post is old like yesterdays newspaper...



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