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Posted on Thu, Dec 06 2018 17:43
by fahl5
Joined on Fri, Feb 04 2005, Hall One, Posts 952

For long time the discussion of the Synchron-Strings Sound was based on the impression of the default EQ-Settings which nearly all suppress a good part of the fundament while highligting the uper and highest ranges, however reasonable from the standpoint of an expirienced sound engenineer might be since the higherranges contribute important parts of the individual characxteristic especially of strings this seemed to have caused sometimes a bit to sharp impression and the whish for a warmer overall sound imnpression. 

Of course everybody is already now free to edit those EQ-Settings this is currently a considerable work for all EQ's of all Microphonepositions in all loaded Stringpresets.

So here is my suggestion aswell to make the customization of the sound more handsome as to

If it would be possible to save and load EQ-Presets in the Mixerslots of the Synchronplayer, it would be on one hand to adjust all eq's faster in a certain direction.

On the other hand it would make it possible to provide different kinds of reasonable sometimes warmer other perhaps more brilliant 'timbres' with different EQ-Presettypes which could correct misleading discuissions which didn't reflected the fact, that they are more or less exclusivly based on sound impressions characterized just by a certauin type of EQ-Setting which obviously aimed to feature the higher ranges, and which is in my humble opinion not necessarily the only EQ-Setting which might make sens with the Synchron-Strings.

It might be a bit work for your Developpers and engineers to make that possible and provide such different Presets for different types of timbre. But I think it would be worth to do so if it comes to unleash the potential of those great detailed and powerful VSL Synchron Strings.

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Posted on Sat, Dec 08 2018 08:30
Joined on Tue, May 22 2012, Posts 303
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