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Posted on Sun, Dec 16 2018 12:46
by fahl5
Joined on Fri, Feb 04 2005, Göttingen, Posts 956

Since I have got the impression that VSL-Synchron-Steinway is good enough for some closer explorations of its possibilities, I have prepared again a little exploration-project. It is explicitly not meant as any kind of "Demo"-Project, since I dont have no need to sell or promote here anything. It is more kind of an audible feedback not looking to impress anyone with anything aiming to be in any way extraordinairy awesome, but trying simply to use the instrument in that way I personally use it  As far anyone knows the character of my interest you will know, that i dont tend to focus just on the most popular passages and melodies of the most popular pieces, but am looking for often enough even lesser known but still good classical music.

(To keep the range of possible projects a bit limited i decided to favour nearly exclusivly composers which do have a direct connection in the pedagogic transmission of music up to my own for me most important Piano-Prof. Dont take me wrong If you will find some wellknow Composers among them : while I live in germany and as many ambitious young musicians have been looking for the most interesting teachers available here in europe it is not  that surprising that I have found one. On the other hand here in europe since centuries many of the most important composers have been at the same time important teachers which have spread their knowledge on many ambitious pupils, therefor it seems to me not that unlikely that the direct living transmission of the musical heritage could have in some cases deep roots in musical history as for instance I was (like some others others here) lucky to benefit from. So please dont take me wrong with this selection it is just paying tribute to an tremendously inspiring and often personal relation between austrian and german musicians over the last centuries which seems to be still alive and prosperous.)

If you consider for instance how many of the Pupils of Georg Albrechtsberger are still well known in music history (like L.v.Beethoven, John Field, Ignaz Mioschelez, J.N.Hummel, Fr. Kalkbrenner, Anton Reicha and many more) you can imagine that it is not that astonishsing that even the pedagigic ancesters of my teachers reach back up to him. As a wellknow Master of counterpoint, that seems to me also for my Piano-exploration a pretty good starting point:

I chose a Prelude and two Fugues to explore the new Steinway, since, what nearly evry musician will do with a new instrument is improvising, some Chords, Figurations and scales to get a first rough overview of the sound as a whole in all ranges , tempos and dynamic levels. On the other Hand the Fugue makes the first challenge for a good piano, since each single voice should be able to convince with its own musical phrasing and expression by it self and the whole should be at the same time transparent enough to still follow each voice in his own melodic development even if the polyphonic texture becomes more and more dense.

here you can listen my first results:

Georg Albrechtsberger:

Prelude and Fugue in D-Major

Fuge on B-A-C-H

I hope you like it.

My first impression about the new Steinway at least is in short

not bad 

four parallel interpretations of ambitious classical scores with up to twelve different Libraries

currently the first four Symphonies of L.v.Beethoven completly recorded with the finest available orchestra samplelibraries (BBCSO, SSO, STO)

Currently 4330 mp3 with more than a whole Week (=more than 8 Days /=nearly 200 hours) of sample based interpretations of complete Scores from 7 Centuries
Posted on Wed, Dec 19 2018 06:39
by David B.
Joined on Tue, May 15 2018, Posts 102

Wow! You're really good. That was very enjoyable to listen to. 

It would be helpful if you posted what mics and settings you used for these selected pieces. 

Thanks for sharing.

God Bless,


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