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Posted on Sun, Jan 13 2019 15:54
by Ionactive
Joined on Sat, Mar 30 2013, Posts 50

Hi All

[New info....   I should add all PC's are running latest windows version. The DAW Pro Tools is latest version.  Now I am getting the following....  

a) Open up any Pro tools session where VE Pro Plugs were connected when last saving - pro tools either crashes before fully opening, or just freezes).

b) Try to exit a pro tools session with everything still connected - freezes for ever...

c) The only way I can get this to work (and it is a workable solution but not really what I want) is to...

   i) Disconnect each instant with pro tools first
  ii) Save and close pro tools
  iii)  Save the Ve Pro server project and close.

d) Then if I want open the DAW session again..,

   i) First open up the DAW session - as expected - nothing connected
  ii) Open up the slave VE Pro server project and wait to fully load all plugins
  iii)  Then manually connect each plug in back to the specific instance  (I put notes in the notes section of Pro Tools so I can easily remember which plugin goes with which instances)

So the above is workable  - but ni ideal?


I should really know this I think (having played with VE pro5 and 6 for some time. However, I think I have been OK rather by luck than judgement. So I have a DAW PC and four PC slaves. Generally if using all five systems - when I close a music project for the day I will close my Pro tools 12 session first, then go around and close each server on the slaves. 

When I want to work on a music project (say project "A") I will first get each slave up and running, opening the instances for Project A. Finally open up the Pro Tools session and (normally) all is well (all slaves already connected). 

Anyway, today for some reason I opened up the Pro Tools session for Project A first (it contains 4 plugins to connect to each of slave). Well it did not like it at all. I expected the slaves to just not be connected (of course) - and allow me to then start them up then manually press connect on each plugin in Pro Tools. Instead - Pro Tools hung. Again , and again. Even after starting the slaves and restarting pro tools it hung. 

Somehow I think I had broken an instance  - so in the end I ditched and started again (so far so good)...

End new info ]


1) What is the correct order / protocol for starting up and stopping a large session with a number of servers? 

2) Suppose (for whatever reason) I want to start my DAW Project A but witout any of the slaves, what is the protocol I need to use so that the pro tools session is not trying to connect to something that is not there... 

I think preserve and  / or decouple probably has something to do with it? 



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