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Posted on Mon, Feb 04 2019 07:52
by Ionactive
Joined on Sat, Mar 30 2013, Posts 50

Hi All. 

Have the following system:

1 DAW and 3 slaves (all running latest version of Windows 10, all running latest version of VE Pro 6). 

I somewhat regret upgrading to the latest Windows 10 (October release with further updates), as before then all things seemed to run quite well. Indeed, I am not convinced that PT and latest Windows are not totally playing ball with each other, but I am pretty sure the issue below is PT / VE PRO 6 related. 

Basically. I can set up a PT project with connections to server projects on the slaves - lots of instances. It all runs very well, 64 buffer, no pops or crackles. In this regard the system is great. However, here are the problems.. 

1) If I I try to quit a PT project as I normally would, PT just hangs for ever and seems to be communicating the instances (closing X and closing Y). Eventually I have to force exit. 


2) If I try to load a PT project, where the slaves are already to go, and where upon last saving and exiting PT I had left all VE PRO plugins connected (as in 1 above). Then it does the following:

a) PT enters a strange mode where it is in constant "pause" - green pause illuminated bottom left, and the play / pause button indicating a pause state

b) VE PRO plugins seem to be connected. However, record enable any track (regardless of a VE PRO based track, or one with an instrument directly loaded into PT), nothing will play. There is no audio. 

My workaround at the moment is that I have to:

i) Save PT project - and then before quitting I have to manually disconnect all VE Pro plugin connections to the slaves. 

ii) Exit PT  - all goes well.

iii) Upon loading the PT project again, if I have followed i and ii above, it will load fine. I then manually connect up the slaves in each VE PRO plug and all is well. 


Does anyone else have this behaviour?  

The workaround above keeps me going - but it is rather a pain, and if I forget (!!!!!), its a lot of pain. During early 2018 (I have had a break from music for a few months), I would just turn the slaves on, and load them up, start PT, load a project (go have a coffee) and all is waiting to start? 

No to sure if this is a latest PT issues, Windows 10 or VE Pro?!



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