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NEW FEATURE: Streaming Speed Measurement for Synchron Player
Last post Mon, Apr 05 2021 by Macker, 5 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Feb 23 2019 08:01
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12877

Hello everybody, 

With the latest update of our Synchron Player Software, you now have a very useful feature built in with our Synchron Player!

The implemented speed measurement will measure the streaming speed of the drives you are using to stream the sample content you installed for Synchron Player, and will set the Preload Size accordingly (see the attached screenshot).     

    Read-outs under 10 MB/s will result in a Preload Size of 16384 samples
    Read-outs under 30 MB/s will result in a Preload Size of 8192 samples
    Read-outs under 100 MB/s will result in a Preload Size of 4096 samples
    Read-outs over 100 MB/s will result in a Preload Size of 2048 samples

The PRELOAD SIZE is the size of the portion of the samples that will be loaded into your RAM to compensate the disk access speed of your drive.
With lower values, you will get quicker loading times and of course less RAM consumption. 

Of course you can overrule these settings manually, if you like. 

This will help to get the best performance for your existing setup and might also help with your next hardware purchase ;)


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Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Feb 24 2019 16:25
by Cyril Blanc
Joined on Thu, Dec 19 2002, Paris France, Posts 2699

Hello Paul


Thank you very much this is a VERY usefull feature

Can you do the same with VI / VE 5




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Posted on Mon, Feb 25 2019 10:42
by LAJ
Joined on Sun, Dec 13 2009, Posts 537


Sehr geniale Idee! Weiter so ... 

Shiba Inu & Doge ... to the 🌙🚀🚀

Posted on Mon, Apr 05 2021 17:25
by info_9427
Joined on Thu, Nov 04 2004, Posts 57

My M.2 SSD shows a speed of 624.9 MB/s but results in 3072 Preload Size so there's something a bit off with the algorithm. Also a Default Preload Size of 1024 (or less) might be in order with the new speedier drives.

Posted on Mon, Apr 05 2021 18:08
by Macker
Joined on Tue, Aug 21 2018, London, Posts 375

@Info_9247, I jumped to a similar conclusion when I switched to a Samsung T7 Touch SSD. But I was reminded quite correctly by VSL Support that commercially available speed tests typically do sequential block reads and writes - yielding best possible or ideal results - rather than what tends to happen in actual practice (i.e. more random than sequential access, which is a very different kettle of fish, speed-wise). VSL's new built-in test makes its automatic preload settings according to its measurement of typical and practical speed rather than best-case.

At the time I moaned a lot about the new test giving "counter-intuitive" results. But I was wrong, VSL is right. (Hope they've forgiven my whingeing.)

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