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Posted on Thu, Feb 28 2019 06:33
by toodamnhip
Joined on Sat, Jun 09 2012, Posts 87

I must admit to being confused by your whole licensing protcol, and i have a feeling I am not the only one, which means, it isnt designed clearly or explained well enough.

What the heck are the "upgrade licenses"? Are they REAL licesnes for 3 of my machines, or, are they a sort of "pass" that allows me to upgrade from version 5 to vers 6 three times? I thought I had licenses for three machines, but I see in my VSL that I have three VE Pro 6 "upgrade licenses". I bought a new elicense key, and when I try to use elicense control center to authorize my new elicensor, it wants my old elicnesor Key which has vers 5 on it. It will not put a license on my new elicense key. It seems to want to see the old elicense key, which has VE Pro 5 on it. (I have attached a pic of my licenses) What good is having three licenses, when I cant put the 2nd or 3rd license on 2 new keys? I need my old elicense dongle to stay in my old system, and a sepearte license for my B room. 

Also, what machine needs to be licensed if I have a Mac Pro with DP10, with a PC slaved via ethernet with VE Pro installed? Do I just need to authorize and have an elicesnor on the PC or both?

If I only need to authorize the PC, will the Master Mac computer be able to install the plug in for DP without an elicensor key in the Mac?

toodamnhip attached the following image(s):
ScreenU0020ShotU00202019-02-27U0020atU002010.14.54U0020PM.png (84kb) downloaded 3 time(s).

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OS 10.10.3 DP 9.0
Posted on Fri, Mar 01 2019 05:17
by bcslaam
Joined on Thu, Dec 03 2009, Perth, Posts 44


I'm posed with the same sort of dilema going from v6 to v7.

Do I have to upgrade my 3 licenses? I thought last time I upgraded from 5 to 6 I only needed to upgrade one main lcense and the others followed.

To upgrade my main license plus 2 additional ones from v6 to 7, do I really have to pay:

EU 75 + 45 + 45 = 165?

if so, firstly I think thats too expensive given that there's not much in the upgrade except a promise of "more to come". Secondly is it arbitrary what license I choose to assign the main EU75 main upgrade?

What If I only upgraded my main DAW license and not the other 2, will it run, will I get the benefit of the upgrade on the farm PCs?

3 VerPro7 farms and a DAW all 12900k, Win 11pro,
RME MADIfx, Nuendo 12, Reaper
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