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Posted on Sat, May 18 2019 00:53
by V_ad_im
Joined on Fri, Feb 25 2011, Posts 111


What is the best way to use Dimension Strings in full divisi, as separate VipPro player with Large set L2 loaded on 32 channels, each placed in MIR without clicks on VePro7 slave 5,1 MacPro 12core X 3.33ghz, 128gb ram, PCI SSD 1200mb/sec?

For now, if I set MIR to bypass, DS used about 90% CPU and plays quite good (with seldom clicks). If I switch MIR on, the system plays with clicks and pops. Different settings of MIR latency and threads per VePro instances are not helping.
I use one 32 ViPro in one VePro instance. Maybe more optimal to use one instance per group? or any additional tricks? Is Synchronized version use less CPU?

V_ad_im attached the following image(s):
ScreenU0020ShotU00202019-05-18U0020atU002003.49.21.JPG (131kb) downloaded 1 time(s).
ScreenU0020ShotU00202019-05-18U0020atU002003.59.32.JPG (63kb) downloaded 0 time(s).

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Posted on Sat, May 18 2019 02:50
by William
Joined on Sun, Nov 24 2002, USA, Posts 5307

On a fairly normal Xeon 12 core slave I used a single VE with all the DS in MIR.   I had experimented with separate channels for each player, but on this I did  just one MIDI channel for 1st violins, one for 2nd, one violas, one cellos and one for basses, and created separate humanized settings (which is now made easier with the automated settings now implemented). The VSL humanize is so good that it is no longer necessary to apply various tweaks to tracks, and so the 5 channels for all DS works as well as any other setup.   So the number of tracks is the same but only a few channels.  On that Althyria score I did a thread for  I  used this setup. 

Posted on Sat, May 18 2019 09:18
by V_ad_im
Joined on Fri, Feb 25 2011, Posts 111

Thank you, William! And special thanks for the music, nice work! it's a good Idea to use 5 MIDI channels for 32 DS tracks - it helps to obtain spacing (with free positioning of each player), which not available with using the scheme "all group in one ViPro" (violins in one, violas in another, etc.). This idea is simplified a composer work in the DAW, but, as I think, not helps to avoid glitches while using all tracks with MIR on one slave, yes?

I found, that option 'force enabled cells' was activated - all samples were loaded.. :)

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