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Synchron Player and Synchron library installation problem
Last post Thu, Jun 27 2019 by Carrillet, 6 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Jun 24 2019 15:23
by Carrillet
Joined on Sat, Dec 15 2018, Posts 16


After having registered and installed SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition vol. 1, such as Vienna Synchron Player and Vienna Synchron Pianos, I'm not able to launch Synchron Player, since it is not to found on my Laptop. 

When I open Vienna Ensemble I don't find the Synchron library either. 

My computer have 4,00 GB RAM. Might it be the problem? In the Synchron Player recomendation says minimum 8,00 GB RAM, recomended 16,00 GB. 

Can anyone please help me?

Posted on Wed, Jun 26 2019 05:06
by Selena Wolkenhauer
Joined on Sat, Aug 19 2017, Posts 3

I'm experiencing either the exact or very similar problem.

I can find the ViennaSynchronPlayer-WIN-1.1.1621.exe and when I open it, it wants me to install the Player, VST2, VST3, AAX plugins again.  However, I cannot find the Sychron Player app in order to run Epic Orchestra 2.0.  When I watched the video under Vienna Ensemble Pro - Video Demos, Epic Orchestra 2.0: SYNCHRON-ized Epic Orchestra (Walkthrough), I can see in the video that he is using the player app, stand-alone, not through Vienna.  How do I find the app so I can use it and connect it to Vienna Ensemble Pro 7?

Selena Wolkenhauer

Posted on Wed, Jun 26 2019 12:52
by Bill
Joined on Fri, Sep 23 2005, Berkshires, MA, Posts 1058

No, there is no standalone Synchron Player; you have to run in a host application.

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Posted on Wed, Jun 26 2019 19:00
by Selena Wolkenhauer
Joined on Sat, Aug 19 2017, Posts 3

Thank you, Bill, as what you said did point me in the right general direction; however, I'm new to using any software and applications like Vienna and Synchron, so for myself, location/placement of certain things is not intuitive yet.  Even the manual gives steps A-D and then K-Z, but leaves out E-J because those are the more obvious steps, right?

Here's what I did in Vienna to finally find Synchron: After installing both Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, Synchron Player, the Download Manager, and Epic Orchestra 2.0, open Vienna.  Click the small + symbol in the upper left corner underneath the File drop-down menu.  Then, either in the Channel drop-down menu or if you right click on the Channels strip/window you'll see Insert Plugins.  If you click on that, you'll be given a search box/menu.  In that, you should see Integrated and under that, it says Vienna Synchron Player - Stereo.  Once you click on the Vienna Sychron Player - Stereo it should load a new channel for you.  Then click on the name of that new channel and it should open up Synchron Player.  From there, you can change that channel to be any section of the orchestra you want.

I don't know if this would help you, Carrillet, but it's what I found.


Selena Wolkenhauer

Posted on Wed, Jun 26 2019 23:12
by ZWaves
Joined on Mon, Dec 18 2017, Los Angeles, Ca, Posts 63

Hi Carrillet,

Here is a picture of where both the Sychron Player and the Synchron Piano should appear after instalation. And you should definitely upgrade your memory!



ZWaves attached the following image(s):
VEPU00207U0020U0026U0020SynchronU0020Player.png (55kb) downloaded 5 time(s).

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Posted on Thu, Jun 27 2019 16:04
by Carrillet
Joined on Sat, Dec 15 2018, Posts 16

Thanks Selena!

You gave me. I did as you said, opening Synchron Player as a plugin from Vienna Ensemble.

As you, I'm not experienced on that kind of software and I spend a lot of time to solve the problems until everything works properly.



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