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Syn SE: weird articulation behaviour
Last post Tue, Sep 10 2019 by FabioA, 4 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Sep 06 2019 13:49
by stan-k
Joined on Tue, Jun 24 2014, Posts 42

Hey everyone,

while working on a current project I've noticed some weird behaviour with the articulation switching in Synchron Player. Not sure if all or most instruments are affected, I'm working with the solo strings for now.

Example: need a portamento from E to C. Before (in VI Pro), I could choose any art for E (leg, sus, etc.) and then choose portamento art for C - and it would do the job, I would get that slide from E to C. Now, however, when I do it this way on, say, Solo cello 1, I don't get the portamento any more, even though the Syn Player switches to the portamento art. The workaround that I found is to choose the portamento art for both E and C, then you get the slide. So, basicly, you need to assign the art that you want to the note that precedes the one you want it on. This is not just the portamento, I noticed the same behaviour on legato arts.

Interestingly though, this is not the case with the Solo cello 2, i.e. here I can just choose the art for each note just like before on the VI Pro. However, the second cello has another quirk (that I maybe never noticed before?): for the legato art to work the notes need to to overlap, otherwise you don't get that little transition sample. And here, coming back to solo cello 1, the overlap is not necessary, just make sure there is no gap between the notes and you get your legato.

Now, the obvious question is: is this a bug or a feature?

I could get on board with the overlaps for legatos (makes sense), but the example with the art switching on cello 1 really bugs me (no pun intended)...

Has anyone else noticed this?

Stan K
Posted on Fri, Sep 06 2019 21:30
by littlewierdo
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2016, Posts 236

I could be mistaken, but check to make sure the artiiculation is changing BEFORE the note change, on portamento. Playing an E, lets say for 4 bars, then a C for the next 4 bars. If you set the articulation to change right at the start of the 2nd measure, ie. the C, sometimes Synchron doesnt catch it. Instead, I set the articulation to change say 1/16th of a beat before the start of the second measure.

I think the reason is, Synchron doesnt have a 30 ms delay before it plays a note, VI does. This means, if you set an articulation change at exactly the same point that the note changes, VI has a 30 ms lead time to change the articulation, whereas Synchron does not.

I havent confirmed this theory, and it may not be the answer to your question, but you might try changing the articulation just a fraction of a beat before the note change happens and see if that works.

Posted on Sat, Sep 07 2019 17:27
by stan-k
Joined on Tue, Jun 24 2014, Posts 42

Hey weirdo,

thanks for the reply.

This is exactly how I do it: changing the art just before the actual note.

I think this is just a bug that hopefully will be fixed shortly. Because it happens on some instruments and not on others, e.g. on solo cello 1 but not on solo cello 2...

Stan K
Posted on Tue, Sep 10 2019 07:51
by FabioA
Joined on Fri, Jan 13 2012, Posts 89

I confirm I experienced the same behaviour in the Synchron Player. Can't remember for sure what instruments I was playing with, but I had to do the same workaround of yours to make it work!

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