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Delay start/stop ProTools
Last post Thu, Nov 07 2019 by Falcowe, 1 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Nov 07 2019 02:18
by Falcowe
Joined on Mon, Nov 06 2017, Nashville, Posts 17
:Hello all,

I wanted to drop in here and see if anyone has had a similar issue to me. I am running a rather large (at least for ProTools) template and ever since I started working with it back about a year ago I have been solving all of my issues slowly and resolving them. But one that has been hanging around since the beginning is a rather large delay in pressing start/stop and the ProTools GUI freezing then about 3-5s after starting the GUI catches up. Audio does playback during this but it also causes issues when recording midi information and it makes it hard to quickly reset and try a take again or just to simply start and stop playback quickly without interrupting workflow. Right now I have it narrowed down to a few instances in my template which makes me think its the VIs and not VEPro, but i was curious if anyone had any further suggestions. Here is a youtube video of what is going on. I have also tried stripping out all unnecessary tracks (leaving just the VEPro audio tracks) with the same results. So I feel fairly confident that ProTools is not the culprit here.

Thanks for your help.

ProTools 2021.7 Ultimate - DAW Machine: MacPro7,1 128GB Ram 16-core AMDW5700X - Slave 1: Windows 10, AMD 1950X 4.2GHz, NVIDIA GT710, 64GB 2666MHz - Slave 2: Windows 10, Intel 7820X 4.7GHz, NVIDIA GT710, 64GB 3666MHz.
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