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VE Pro 7 has become really crash-happy
Last post Thu, Feb 04 2021 by MikeC, 8 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Nov 21 2019 23:32
by Crescendo
Joined on Wed, Jul 16 2008, Posts 49

Since upgrading to version 7 I have seen a lot more crashes and program freezes.

The frustrating thing is that I do not know where to begin troubleshooting - and I do not have days and days to engage in it either.

So far I am running only a local template, with 128GB RAM on Mojave (Logic Pro), 99% Kontakt (6.20) instances, maybe one with PLAY and one with Spitfire Labs.

It already starts by the fact that if the setup is left idling, after 24 hours it will have crashed miserably, ususally preceeded by a program freeze with unusually heightened CPU usage (and not triggered by any action).

Sometimes it also crashes immediately when adding/replacing a random Kontakt instrument patch.

The problem is just that there are no distinct ways to reproduce this. It just seems that there is a general instability to VE Pro that is new. Unless someone has an idea lightbulb coming on all I can say/ask is: Please turn your future efforts back to stability. VE Pro used to be one of the more stable components in whole music setup, now it is a fun-killer.

Posted on Sat, Nov 23 2019 08:34
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12761

Hi Crescendo, 

Sorry to hear about that... this is pointing to Kontakt scripts crashing in the background for me, which is indeed very hard to track down. 

Are you saying that this exact same setup worked fine in previous versions of VE Pro for you? Which ones?
Did you try to eliminate products one by one from your template, starting with the "less famous" ones?

In any case, you can send us crash reports to confirm:

To document freezes/hangs:
=> Open Activity Monitor
=> Choose Vienna Ensemble PRO
=> Click the small "i" in the upper left corner
=> Click "Sample" in the lower left corner
=> Save the file and send it to us 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sat, Nov 23 2019 21:48
by Crescendo
Joined on Wed, Jul 16 2008, Posts 49

Well, the difference is that I now use Kontakt 6.2.
I have one PLAY instance, and a few Spitfire Labs instances. They used to get a long with each other. I know, there can be a million reasons.

I'll try sending a crash report next time.

Also, what is interesting. When idling VEPro says whatever e.g. 7% CPU load - someting that seems right - however, the activity monitor says more than 100% percent load. That is certainly strange.

Posted on Tue, Nov 26 2019 18:25
by shmorrell
Joined on Thu, Dec 11 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 28

I've been having crashes too. I think I've narrowed it down to either a conflict involving UAD plug-ins in VEP, or a problem having Kontakt 5 and 6 running in the same server project. Any of that resonate with you?


Posted on Tue, Nov 26 2019 22:40
by Dewdman42
Joined on Tue, Feb 27 2018, Posts 710

another thing that has been mentioned elsewhere is that this could be related to coupled instances and auto-save from the host.  

Posted on Wed, Feb 03 2021 15:04
by MikeC
Joined on Wed, Sep 08 2004, Posts 88

Just came along to say VEP is crashing for me nearly all the time now. At least once a day. I can't remember the last day it didn't crash. Is there anywhere I can find and send an error log? It might be a problem with my system of course, but ever since V7 it's been really unstable and it used to be rock solid.

Thanks for any help!


Posted on Wed, Feb 03 2021 18:28
by bbelius
Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 883

Hi Mike!

Do you get a popup after the crash? If so fill out the form with a brief description, your email address and write down the displayed system ID. Send us a mail via and mention the email you tyoped in the field as well as the system ID, so we can track the crash in our reporting tool.

If you don't get a crash-popup, please zip the contents of this folder and send it to us via mail:
%appdata%\VSL\Vienna Ensemble Pro\

Best, Ben

Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Feb 04 2021 10:04
by MikeC
Joined on Wed, Sep 08 2004, Posts 88

Thanks Ben - very helpful, I'll do that next crash!

Very best


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