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VEP 7 - server connections not showing
Last post Wed, Sep 22 2021 by thewarthog, 15 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Nov 23 2019 17:48
by Ionactive
Joined on Sat, Mar 30 2013, Posts 50

Evening folks.

Well  - yesterday I took the plunge and upgraded to VEP 7.  I have been using VEP 6 for some time on a DAW / 3 slave system and, in the main, all has worked really well. I needed to upgrade to VEP 7 as I needed a template for a new Spitfire Audio BBC SO library and this was produced for VEP 7.

As far as the function of VEP 7 goes, I am really pleased. The upgrade went OK and it works. 48Gig of BBC SO loaded onto one slave, and all working well with Pro Tools.

I have Win 10 systems, each with 64 Gig RAM and I9 exstreme CPU. All software is up to date.

So my problem is..... and this does not happen "all the time" (but most of the time), is that when I instigate a plugin in Pro Tools it cannot find any servers 'out there.....'. I have done the normal stuff like making sure that the Windows Fire wall will let through VEP 7 and windows bonjour service etc. I have done this on all four systems. However, for much of the time I can see no servers.

I can use a direct IP address and name of instance, but that is really a pain.

So... have I missed anything obvious here?  VEP 7 seems to be very solid, I am using 32 buffer settings with no artifacts or clicks with everything running at once. The DAW breaks no sweat either.  Its just trying to get this network broadcast side of things to work I am finding a pain.

any ideas?



Hmmm (edited to add)... OK, so my instances were not 'activated' (or the channels at least in them), when activated then the server seems to show up...  

Posted on Sat, Nov 23 2019 22:45
by erik250
Joined on Sat, Feb 04 2017, Posts 2

I think I have the same problem. 

The announce feature (showing the instances) sometimes works, other times it doesn't and lately it has been mostly not at all. I can still connect manually by filling out the server and instance name manually, and it connects fine, but it's certainly not ideal. 

I'm running the latest VEPRO on Windows, one slave and a master machine. 

Is there some sort of a trouble shoot list to go through to sort this out? 

Thank you,


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Posted on Sun, Nov 24 2019 01:01
by bbelius
Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 883


Make sure that your firewall is not blocking your DAW / VEP.
Also check that the Apple Bonjour Service is running.

Best, Ben

Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Nov 24 2019 07:29
by Ionactive
Joined on Sat, Mar 30 2013, Posts 50
Hi Ben

Thx, but as pointed out in my OP, those were the first checks I did.

Rgs Mark
Posted on Thu, Nov 28 2019 23:41
by NathanStornetta
Joined on Sun, Mar 29 2015, Posts 1

Hi all,

Very interesting thread as I'm experiencing the same issues so far...

IMac Pro as main machine, Macmini as slave, both machines connected via Ethernet.

Cubase 10.5, VEP7 on both main and slave machines.

Like Mark and Erik, I have checked all Firewall permissions and manually set up the IP addresses and Network addresses. To no avail, sadly, as I cannot see any instance of the slave's VEP, even when typing in the server IP as well as instance name...

Also maybe worth mentioning, never have I seen the window saying "VEP pro is trying to establish a connection accep/refuse"... Which I did have with VEP6.

Main machine is running Mojave and slave is running Catalina. Should this make it complicated?

Very much looking forward to seeing how this will resolve! Hoping it's a one click "permission" to react to.




Posted on Fri, Nov 29 2019 07:54
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13436


The best idea is to send your network settings (screenshots of all involved computers) to , so we know a bit more. 

Static IP addresses will help, consumer networks will help (192.168.0.x or 10.0.0.x), subnet masks

For testing, try direct connections as well (take out the switch/router for a quick check). 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Fri, Apr 10 2020 03:44
by RiffRiffington
Joined on Sat, Jan 25 2014, Posts 2

I was having this same issue before I realized that you have to open the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server application and create an instance before any instance will show up in your DAW. This could be entirely elementary as I just upgraded a few hours ago. But if it is of any help let me know.


Posted on Wed, Oct 21 2020 21:21
by f.steiner_27306
Joined on Tue, Apr 17 2007, Germany, Posts 3


could anyone meanwhile solve this problem? Because I'm having the same problems. Sometimes it shows up, but most of the time not. It seems to happen accidentally.


Posted on Wed, Nov 04 2020 13:42
by hazza
Joined on Mon, Jun 13 2005, London, Posts 40

Also still having the same problems. Have been back and forth with VSL tech for months and they eventually gave assuming it was a conflict with a (then needed) wifi connection concurrently running.

Have since reconfigured 2 Macs and 1 PC all connected via hub (wifi off) and still problems. iMac slave shows most of the time, PC often not. I have noticed if I boot Logic and open a new project the PC is normally showing, however if I boot Logic straight into a current project then it doesn't. It's incredibly frustrating, but at least I have found the workaround of typing in the PC IP and instance name.

VSL - surely you have had enough of these reports since VEP7 to resolve the issue?



Posted on Tue, Nov 17 2020 10:03
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13436

Hi Harry, 

Just catching up on this and couldn't find any cases in our ticket system from your registered email address... Network discovery can sometimes be a bit tricky, but usually works (I'd say for at least 99.9% of all our users). 

Glad to hear that the workaround works for you, and we'll keep that in mind for our next development push!


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, Nov 17 2020 11:07
by hazza
Joined on Mon, Jun 13 2005, London, Posts 40

Hi Paul

Sorry multiple email addresses.. last case number was 325926.

I will open a new ticket and try another round of support when I get a minute. It feels like it might be something specific to Logic, since I have moments where VEP VST in Bitwig can see the PC while AU in Logic can't.



Posted on Tue, Feb 09 2021 00:50
by Cochise Studio
Joined on Mon, Apr 10 2017, Posts 2

Good evening folks,
Did someone solve this problem?
Thank you.

Posted on Thu, Feb 11 2021 18:59
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13436

Hi Cochise Studio, 

It's usually very user-specific and has to do with a few elements that can block network communication (firewalls, AV programs...). 

You can always contact with your specific situation.... or post some details about your setup here. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, May 11 2021 08:30
by samphony
Joined on Mon, Apr 10 2006, Posts 81

I had these issues recently on a brand new DAW Mac mini M1.

I was able to solve that problem with "First Aid" (repair permissions) under Disk Utility! 

Posted on Wed, Sep 22 2021 02:21
by thewarthog
Joined on Fri, Jan 28 2011, US, Posts 8

I had a few days of panic when my DAW (Logic) would always hang when starting up a session with VEP7 instantiations connecting to my slave machine.  When the hanging occurred, the  VEP7 on the slave would pop up an instance but wouldn't complete the loading as if the DAW wasn't able to fully "send" instructions.  When I quit VEP7 on the slave, the Logic session would continue to load - which was a huge relief.  Also,  I was able to create sessions and connect with VEP7 (slave) but upon reconnecting later on, the hanging would occur again.  I should also add - connecting to VEP7 locally was totally fine.  

So after much head scratching, reformatting my slave (because I did the HIgh Sierra upgrade fiasco with an older MP), reading numerous forums, and finally stumbling on this thread I figured out my problem!  With the discussion of possible network issues I thought it'd be good to look into my own network settings.  


I had installed Norton 360 and it automatically puts this content filter feature into the network settings.  I disabled it and then voila everything connected as expected.

Hope this helps!



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