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Posted on Mon, Nov 25 2019 17:05
by Daniel Stenning
Joined on Fri, Jan 11 2019, UK, Posts 34


I have a single VEP server running on a mac mini connected via ethernet cable to my macbook pro client - also over CAT7 ethernet.

Both computers are connected directly via a CAT7 cable and not via a router -  for optimum speed.

As instructed by Vienna manual - i have assigned manual IP addresses to both units - and 

I can connect to VEP fine over just ethernet ( with WI FI turned off on both machines to avopid potential packet routing confusion )  but have to type in the IP address into the VEP client plugin myself - and type the name of the instsnce i want to connect to. 

Why?  because the two instances in my server don't appear in the plugin instance list. 

It seems that currently the only way I can get instance names to appear is if io turn on wi-fi on both server and plugin. 

Please can you modify the software so that regardless of whether one is using wi-fi, going via a router... or not.... the VEP plugin still is able to receive and instance names from the server.  I can live with hacving to type the IP address of the server into the IP field in plugin .  But after doing so I expect all the current instances loaded into my VEP server to appear listed as would be the case if i was connecting both machines over a router.

I am not using an ethernet router between cplient and server but simply connecting a single CAT7 cable between the two macs.  


I dont want to have to also turn on wi-fi on the server machine unless necessary ( for web access etc )


with wi fi turned off


with wi fi turned on. ( and stilll using ethernet between two machines ) 

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