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Posted on Tue, Dec 31 2019 01:29
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 326

I happened upon a strange bug/quirk:

If I have the Synchron Player window open in my DAW (REAPER 6), playback (live or otherwise) cuts out at regular intervals as if there is a huge bottleneck in sample streaming or something like that.  I've tweaked the various engine settings in both REAPER and Synchron Player as well as tried different libraries and the problem persists regardless.

However, when I close the Synchron Player window, playback streams and buffers just fine, as it should.  

It's not a deal-breaking bug, but it's quite a workflow killer to be unable to tweak settings in the Synchron Player while noodling on the keyboard or playing a looped section back without it cutting out every second or so.

I should note that this does not happen when Synchron Player is loaded in Ensemble Pro.  This leads me to believe it's a bug of some kind with the plug-in's interface.

Any thoughts?

- Sam

Posted on Sun, Jun 13 2021 01:13
by tribord
Joined on Wed, Dec 28 2016, Posts 1

Same issue in 2021 with Synchron Player and Reaper. Have you solved the problem ? The VSL technical team are still looking at it.


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