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Vienna Instruments Library onto a single SSD Drive
Last post Sun, May 09 2021 by JJRoach, 5 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Apr 15 2020 19:42
by JJRoach
Joined on Thu, Mar 02 2006, Los Angeles, CA USA, Posts 87

Hi everyone,

After some searching the forum, I was not able to find the answer to this question. If I missed a thread and this has recently been addressed, I apologize. A redirect would be much appreciated.

My Vienna Instruments library files are sitting on (very) old external HDDs:

1. Hi Strings
2. Low Strings
3. Woodwinds
4. Brass
5. Percussion, Aux, Organ

I want to migrate the library to newer SSD drives, perhaps:

1. All Strings
2. All others

Based on what I've read about the read capacity of SDDS, I think this might work. Have you all been able to put most or all of the library onto one or two drives?



Posted on Wed, Apr 15 2020 20:17
by VladKo
Joined on Tue, Apr 07 2020, Posts 27

If you can afford high capacity SSD, this is the best way forward IMO.

SSD these days are at least as reliable and long lasting as conventional 7200rpm drives, but are 3-5x faster, especially in sequential read/write. But even then, don't forget about backup storage; even single high capacity conventional SATA 7200rpm HDD might be enough for the piece of mind. High capacity HDD are dirt cheap these days.

If you motherboard has NVMe slots, modern PCIe NVMe SSD can be, again, 3-5x faster than SATA SSD or RAID 5/6 SATA HDD, for almost the same price.

I am building a new VSTi PC for my piano with single 'system' disk (PCIe-4 NVMe 2TB), and will add a second 4TB one solely for patches as soon as 4TB PCIe-4 NVMe become available. Right now only PCIe-3 are available, and I have time till September, all my patches fit into 2TB fine yet, but I expect to add few very big libs then.

Posted on Sun, May 02 2021 22:11
by JJRoach
Joined on Thu, Mar 02 2006, Los Angeles, CA USA, Posts 87

Fantastic, thank you Vlad. My apologies...I read but didn't get around to replying to you!

Posted on Sat, May 08 2021 14:55
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1766

I have all my VSL on one drive, the system drive. It's a 2TB drive (basically I'm done). There is no problem.

(nvme ssd type)

MacBook Pro 16,1: 2.3 GHz 8-core i9
64GB 2667MHz DDR4
OSX 10.15.6
VE Pro 7, Cubase Pro 11.0.20
Posted on Sun, May 09 2021 04:18
by JJRoach
Joined on Thu, Mar 02 2006, Los Angeles, CA USA, Posts 87


I JUST consolidated everything onto one 1TB solid state USB-C drive, so we'll see how it works! hopefully as well as yours!


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