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Using VEPro 7 with Halion 6 and VST3-options?
Last post Mon, May 11 2020 by dlpmusic, 2 replies.
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Posted on Sun, May 03 2020 16:21
by rlundv
Joined on Mon, Sep 23 2019, Posts 1

Hey guys!

Totally new to VEPro and before I buy the plugin, I need to understand a few things.

For informations sake, I'm using this atm: Cubase Pro 9.5 x64, Win10 x64, I5 6600, 48gb RAM, 2tb SSD.

My current template is with Iconica, so I'm dependent on making Halion 6 or SE3 work with my next setup too.

1) Is it possible to use the Halion-products hazzel-free with Cubase and VEPro? A lot of old threads going back to 2012 mention a lot of challenges, but it does not seem to be any brand new posts mentioning this?

2) Halion 6 is a VST3-plugin, and with Cubase, it can assign expressionmaps automatically. This is very helpful, since my setup includes a great deal of custom instrument multis within each instance of the Halion app.

WIll it still be possible to build these expressionmaps automatically when Halion is loaded thorugh VEPro? If not, can I use the premade expressionmaps to controll the various multis through keyswitches anyways, or do they all have to be changed, since Halion is now in VEPro instead for Cubase?

3) I've tried the same setup with Reaper, and the project was _lightning fast_, but unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to make custom Rearticulate-setups for Halion by myself. As fod now, running all the plugins directly in Cubase, the savingtimes are _redicously long_, and I have regular crashes and freezes if using more than 1 mic per instrument.

Can I expect more fluidness and greater speed in Cubase if transferring all my samples to VEPro? I mean, as I have come to understand so far - isn't that one of the most obvious reasons to switch to VEPro in the first place?

Hope some samplewizards out there can help a poor noob out! :)

Best regards,

Posted on Mon, May 11 2020 00:48
by dlpmusic
Joined on Sun, Jan 19 2003, Posts 289

I use a ton of instances of Halion 6, ans SE.  It works just fine.......but you will not be able to use it as a VST3 instance nor does VE PRO allow any plugin to communicate back to Cubase the way it can when you load an instrument inside Cubase.

Best way to think of it in real world use is that you can off load that CPU/RAM usage from Cubase to VE PRO which is great....but you lose all the communicartion back to Cubase without jumping through cumbersome automation manual assigning which I never bother with.

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