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Posted on Thu, May 07 2020 15:58
by suihcteg
Joined on Thu, Dec 15 2016, Posts 15
I have a few of the VI and Synchron starter packs/special editions, and I useboth equally, and I've found them to be some of the most consistent products I've used. When I bought MIRx and started integrating the reverb into VI Pro, people said it sounded like I recorded a live performance, that filled the room and wasn't smooshed between my monitors. Some people are a bit dismissive of dry samples, but when I played dry samples with MIRx, I got some smiles and "wows".
I use the Synchron-IZED Special Editions just as much, and the built-in reverb is natural and mixes well, and the keyswitching isn't as scary looking as VI Pro. What exactly are the Synchron-ized instruments compared to the VI instruments: are they new stereo recordings, with the room built-in? What exactly are the differences between Synchron instruments, and Synchron-IZED instruments? I've read around on forums that having the room built-in is the way to go, but what exactly are the benefits?
I'm not an audio engineer or audio scientist, so a lot of the big words mean very little to me. I'm a functional virtual instrument musician: I try to learn all the cool technical stuff and get the most out of it, but I don't fixate on the technical bells-and-whistles, and I don't spend hours, taking every note under a scalpel. Since I use both the VI Starter Packs and Synchron-ized Special Editions, and I'm enjoying both, would you suggest I go the VI route, or the Synchron route? From what I understand, the Synchron-ized Series is a remastered version of VI instruments, with the new Synchron Player, but what are the benefits? If I go the Synchron route, should I just hold off and get the new Synchron Series instruments, rather than Synchron-ized Series (and continue to use the VI instruments until I upgrade)?
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