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Questions On Synchron Player and Synchron-ized SE
Last post Mon, May 18 2020 by Paul, 2 replies.
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Posted on Mon, May 18 2020 18:02
by danevaz
Joined on Tue, Apr 21 2020, Posts 9

Hi All,

New to VSL and Synchron Player, not new to digital audio (20+ years).  Working with Synchronized SE Vol 1 for 1 month.  WIN 10 1809, 24Gb Memory.

Have read the manuals 2x times.  Having trouble with two things.

What does the MidiDump control/icon in the Synchron Player do?  I'm using Studio One 4.6 as my DAW.  I have a sequence set up.  I have a deafult preset loaded in the Synchron player.  I highlight/select one or more tracks in Studio One.  I click the MidiDump icon and - nothing happens.  What is supposed to happen?  I suspect it's user error.

I set up some custom user presets from the raw patches so I could use Program Change instead of KeySwitching for articulation changes.  Worked well.  But while customizing the corresponsing mixer settings, I have not figured out a way to apply the Close Mic Mixer Preset to my custom user preset.

When my custom user preset is loaded and I look at the right most column (MixerPreset) the only option I see is "default."  If I open the drop down list box labeled "Preset" in the MIX tab, I see an option for "default' as well as "Load settings from disk."  But where are those Mixer presets stored?  I can't find anything to "load from disk."

Can I do this - create a custom user preset from the raw patches, and then apply the Close Mic Mixer preset to my custom preset?

Otherwise, love the Synchrom Player while still learning my way around the Syncrhronized SE sounds.


Danny V.

Posted on Mon, May 18 2020 21:38
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12789

Welcome Danny, 

I have your answers right here: 

1) MIDI Dump sends all information regarding the currently selected slot to your DAW (you need to be in record mode). You can also assign a MIDI CC for that feature. 

2) The best way to create a custom preset fro scratch: 

- Load the factory preset of the instrument you want to customize
- Right-click into the empty space in the Dimension Tree (the "Root Slot") and choose "Reset Instrument". 
- This way, you have all mixer, EQ and IR settings as well as Controller Settings the way you will want them. 

Now, the best way for me is to open ANOTHER instance of the Synchron Player, load the Factory Preset again and right-click /copy the slots I want and organize them the way I like in the "empty" Synchron Player. 

Alternatively, you can also pick the articulations you need from the Patch Browser. 

Hope that helps!


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
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