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Blending different packages
Last post Mon, Jun 01 2020 by willie45, 4 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Jun 01 2020 10:50
by willie45
Joined on Fri, May 29 2020, Posts 13

Hi all,

I am very new to this and have only just bought the above library. I only activated it yesterday so I'm about to investigate it today. 

One question that came to mind is that I know many recordings are influenced by the hall where they were recorded and I'm wondering how verstatile this particular library is when it comes to buying future libraries. I keep reading I should buy dry and add room and reverb later to avoid a clash of acoustical properties.

I'm not sure if the instruments in the Synchronised Vol 1 package I bought were originally recorded dry and had reverb etc added later or not. Either way would it be possible to remove this effect and render them dry and so more versatile. If this isn't possible would I be better cjangoint the pack for with a drier library? Alternatively is it easy to tweak future purchases to blend them in with the sound of this one?

I'm wondering if  you would you recommend staying with this library and if so can you assure me I could expand this fully without a clash of sounds?

Thank you for your help


PS Aplogies for the number I appear to have instead of a name. I thought I'd registered properly. I tried to sort it but ...

Posted on Mon, Jun 01 2020 19:06
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1104

Rest assured on two levels. 

1. Many of us here have compendious libraries of both VSL approaches, and we mix and match all day long. 

2. Synchron-ized instruments have the Synchron stage reverb added after the fact. They can be heard dry when the Synchron IR and the convolution reverb are removed, which the user is free to do. 

The same reverb effect can be achieved with a dry Vienna Instruments library running MIR with the Synchron IR. 

The VI interface is utilitarian blue. The Synchron interface is a happy rainbow. You can dive more deeply and modify more precisely with VI, but Synchron can be customized -- perhaps more than people realize (or need to pursue).

Libraries designated "Synchron" without the "-ized" were actually recorded in the stage with multiple microphones. They cannot be rendered without room entirely, but as you mix the mics, they can be reasonably dry, extremely wet, whatever you want. 

For desert-like aridity, with water to follow, either Vienna Instruments or Synchon-ized libraries with user-removable reverb is what you seek. 

Posted on Mon, Jun 01 2020 20:40
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 190


If you want to disable the IR, reverb, and panning and work with just the dry sample, go to the Mix tab, open the Preset drop-down, and select "default", as shown in the attached picture.

Seventh Sam attached the following image(s):
helpingwillie.JPG (103kb) downloaded 9 time(s).

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Posted on Mon, Jun 01 2020 21:17
by willie45
Joined on Fri, May 29 2020, Posts 13

Thank you both. This is indeed the news I was hoping for. Sounds like my choice was sound.

I am probably making a mountain out of a molehill and suffering from doubts borne of ignorance as I really am feeling my way here. I'm gratefuk to you for setting my mind at rest and giving me good advice.

I'm not planning on buying any other instruments in the near future, other than the free Big Bang which I downloaded today, but if the bug bites me deeply, then I imagine i will want to explore other libraries too so its good that my options are plentiful.

Thanks again,


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